One Chance

Sophie and Jordan are best friends and sisters there parents died in a car crash two years ago.Now they have to find there way back to the real world as they find there way they meet five boys that will change there life forever.


3. Boys :)

Sophie liked niall and Jordan liked harry! What do you know will harry or niall ask the girls out or will it just end up in tears?

Harry's P.O.V
Wow I like Jordan she is really nice and pretty! I think I want to ask her out? Maybe tonight or is that to soon? Maybe I could ask them if they wanted to stay here for the night? I'll ask the boys

Hey could the girls stay over tonight? Yeah! Said niall okay said liam don't mind said zayn yayayayayayyay said Louis.

Hey do you want to stay for dinner and the night? Yeah okay

Sophie's P.O.V
I like niall he looks nice! And hot!!!

Where will they sleep we only have four beds pair up!

Okay I'm all good with that!
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