This is a collection of imagines ill make for people on pages i admin or when im bored


2. Wow

I woke up feeling exited. This was no ordinary day, today was the day i would meet one direction. I had gotten VIP passes to go to the concert in sydney and i couldn't contain my happiness. I ran downstairs happily not bothering to get ready yet.
"Hello (y/n) you're awfully giddy today" my mum said chuckling.
"Why yes mother i am" i said putting on a british accent. I sat down and had breakfast with mum before giving her a kiss on the cheek and going back upstairs. I grabbed my iPhone and checked the time. 11:00am. I then put my my phone on the speaker doc and began dances around the room to kiss you as i got ready. I decided to take a shower and blow dry my hair quickly while the one direction playlist went on full blast, making my emotions change but always staying happy.
As i walked into my closet wrapped in my towel, i scrolled through my clothes choosing a blue chiffon strapless dress, that had a studded bust. I then chose some flat sandals and put my hair in a bun while singing along to rock me. By now i was ready but just enjoyed the music as i checked Facebook for a second before looking at the time. 12:30pm. Wow time sure does fly. I grabbed my phone hesitantly emptying the room (and house) of music. I grabbed my purple back pack that had been previously packed with all my concert needs and proceeded down the stairs. I said goodbye to my mum and headed out down the street to meet up with (b/f/n).
"Omg (y/n) you look stunning"she says taking me into a hug.
"Look whose talking little miss perfect" i giggled as we continued walking to a café near where 1D where going to play.
We talked and drank some juice in the hot summer day.
"I guess we should get going to line up soon cause i wanna go out back real quick" she said.
"Ok " i replied i didn't know why but i trusted her i mean she is my best friend.
"Why are we back here" i asked as we looked at each other still walking.
"Oh i just wanted to go for a walk" she said before i tripped.
"Ow" i heard an irish accent say before i looked at who i had fallen on.
"O, o, o, oh my gosh, its you, you're you" i said freaking out i could see (b/f/n) frozen with mouth open.
He giggled as i got off him and stood up.
Niall got up and extended a hand to me.
"Im..." He started before (b/f/n) cut in
"You're Niall!!!! You're Niall Horan !!!!" She said excitedly.
"Yes i am love" he said with a cheeky smile! "and you 2 lovely ladies are ....?"
"Im (y/n) and shes (b/f/n)" i replied
"Well id love to have you 2 come back in the VIP area with me but its sold out" he said with a sad glare in his eyes.
"Well actually we have VIP passes " i replied as he perked up
"Well then let me give you a special VIP treatment" he said offering his arm to me as he led us in through the back. I felt so special as Niall led us through the back. He took us to the stage there was no one there except the other boys. Me and (b/f/n) being the directioners we are had a little panic attack fit.
"Hello, I'm, harry" harry the actual fricken styles said in a slow dreamy voice i said hi before little miss bestie there cut in front of me and started flirting with him full on. While that went on i introduced myself to the rest of the boys.
"Im the masta from doncasta and don't you forget it" louis said cheekily shaking my hand.
"Im (y/n)" i replied
"Nice to meet you (y/n) " Liam said
Before Paul came out on stage
"Boys I'm gonna need you to come back stage we're gonna let the crowd in soon and you two ladies I'm sorry but you must leave unless you've got tickets" Paul said and i took out my tickets to show him. We started to go down to where the crowd was gonna be but Niall pulled me to the side and whispered in my ear.
"Keep and ear out when we sing kiss you and you better meet me back here after the show " he said in his dreamy irish accent giving me a cheeky wink as he walked away.
The crowd was let in and me an (b/f/n) waited there. The concert started and Niall made eye contact with me a couple of times. We were having an amazing time right up near the stage. Zayn, Louis, and Liam after singing live while we're young went back stage quickly and Niall came up to me and harry went up to (b/f/n). They both brought us up on stage and i could feel my cheeks going red. Then the other boys came back out on stage. Louis with Eleanor, Zayn with perrie and Liam with Danielle they put us at the back of the stage and began to sing kiss you. At the end of the song they all came down to us. Next thing i know Niall is kissing me. It feels amazing and ends to quick by this time the concert is nearly over and we've been there for 2.30 hours they say good night and they lead us off stage.
Best. Night. Of. My. Life.
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