This is a collection of imagines ill make for people on pages i admin or when im bored


1. Be mine?

You're working as usual, waiting tables at this fancy restaurant and the night was slow. You start to clear a table and walk over to the kitchen when you hear the door open. You quickly put the dishes in the sink and wipe down the table when you see who other than Liam and Niall. Your heart beats faster and faster, when you finally hear your boss call.

"Andrea, come here and take these boys to their table" she says sweetly yet harshly.

You come out of trans and nervously show them to their table.

"Umm" you start "heres your table; and here's your menus uh ill leave you to decide on what you like" you say as per routine.

"Thanks love" says liamand i cant help but stare into his eyes and cant help but feel he stares into mine.

I snap back and leave awkwardly smiling. When I'm sure they cant see me i run to the bathroom to freshen up and calm down.

Liam's point of view

"What you gettin?" Niall asks me but i take a while to respond i was distracted thinking of the waitress. She is mesmerizing.

"Um i guess ill get the roast" i reply still slightly distracted.

"Liam?" He asks "you doing alright?"

"Yea sure am" reply " so that waitress she's quits..." I continue

"Oh i see whats going on" he starts cheekily " liam has a crush, liam has a crush" he continually repeats until i tell him to shut up he shuts up with a smirk on his face.

"No i do....." I start seeing the waitress come back

Andrea's point of view

I came back from the bathroom calmed down and freshened up.

"So what would you like" i ask them my heart slowly racing faster.

"I'd like the salmon, and the roast beef" niall says as i jot down his order "thanks uhh...?" He asks obviously for my name.

"Andrea" i reply

"Thanks andrea" he says cheerfully

"Uh id like the roast, andrea" liam said

" iill bbring tthat rriggt oout" i studdered

I placed their order and when it was ready i brought it to them.

Liam's point of view

We ate silently, Niall devouring his food. All through dinner Andrea never slipped my mind. When we finished i grabbed a napkin and a pen and wrote down my number. As we where walking by we payed and i slipped the napkin into Andrea's hand.

"Call me" i whispered into her ear as i did so, then walked away mysteriously. I hope it worked i thought to myself going home.

Andrea'd point of view

I couldn't believe it. As i was finishing my shift i kept replaying the moment in my head. Liam, the Liam Payne just gave me his number. I was completely overwhelmed as i went home. I couldn't help it i texted Liam and we texted for a little while before he invited me to lunch for tomorrow. I let out a tiny scream as i read it over and over. I couldn't wait.

-the day getting ready-

I put on a nice blue strapless dress and gladiator heels. I adjusted my hair to one side and applied some lip gloss and mascara. I knew i had to look good.
When i got to where i was to meet Liam i found a letter and a trail of rose petals. I picked up the letter and read it.

"Follow the trail for a surprise"
I read

I did so following the trail of red rose petals along the floor to find Liam standing beside a lake side table set for a meal for 2. In his hand a single rose, in a tuxedo all dressed up.
He stepped up to me and smiled.

"Andrea" he started " i know we've only met, but i can feel a spark" he continued "i find your beauty mesmerizing and your smile enchanting. Would you do me the honer of being my girlfriend?" He asked pulling out a box from his pocket and kneeling on one knee. He hopefully looked up at me as i blushed and gasped putting my hand over my mouth.he handed me the rose and opened the box. Inside was a promise ring and i finally replied.

"OF COARSE LIAM" i said happily as he slipped the ring on my finger


This was a little rushed so its not as good as i would have liked it to be but yea this was my first EVER imagine
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