love at first sight <3

Bella and her best friend Danni has V.I.P tickets to ONE DIRECTIONS concert.
When the two best friends get backstage with one direction, everything seems to change. Harry styles falls in love with Bella and Niall falls in love with Danni.


22. your one crazy boy harry

*one year later*

Bella's pov:

Its my 19th birthday and my boyfriend harry was on tour in America. I couldn't come because of family problems. It was around 1am in the morning and I was sleeping when I heard my phone calling next to me on my bedside table, I grabbed my phone and saw that it was harry trying to facetime me.

''hey harry, whats wrong? its like 1am in the morning over here'' I said trying to keep myself awake.

''hey babe, sorry for waking you up'' harry said in his innocent voice.

''wait harry, WHERE ARE YOU?? OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU ON STAGE???'' I said starting to freak out and screaming to my phone.

''In fact I am. But here, in America isn't your birthday yet but because of time zone, there it is, I called you up to say HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY BABE!!! I am so sorry I couldn't be with you or you couldn't be with me.

''You are one crazy boy harry!!! i said laughing and tearing up a bit.

'' We also have a surprise for you!!'' he said

Harry started filming the stage and passing the phone to each of the boys and they started singing happy birthday to me. I have to admit that i was starting to tear up. I realized that the whole audience was singing along too. When the song ended, harry appeared on the screan again.

''you know im a man of very few words so...basically...i love you, i always had and i always will. I wish you could be here with me but you cant and that is kinda sad but..erm..i- his voice started trebling and i could see that harry has a tear in his eyes-  i miss you babe!! and i called you to wish you a very happy birthday!!! i love you''  harry said crying.

'' and you know that im also a girl of very few words so..i love you honey and thank you  for everything!! i love you so much!! i said tearing up.

'' (all the boys) We love you bella, happy birthday beautiful'' all the boys said all jumping on harry.

'' I love you too boys, thank you so much'' i said

'' This is all very touching but we gotta concert to do so..'' liam said

''ok ok.. babe, i call you later. I love love with all my heart'' harry said kissing the phone

''love you too honey, good luck bye'' i said hanging up.

I seriously cant believe that he just done that. Wow, i have one crazy loving boyfriend.

*drifting off to sleep*

hey guys its me. I just wanted to do this little cha[ter before i went to bed. I did two chapters today and i hoped you liked them. good night  and PLEASE like like like like like like like :)




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