love at first sight <3

Bella and her best friend Danni has V.I.P tickets to ONE DIRECTIONS concert.
When the two best friends get backstage with one direction, everything seems to change. Harry styles falls in love with Bella and Niall falls in love with Danni.


2. The surprise at the sleep over.


Its the night of danni's sleep over and i am just in my bedroom getting ready. I walk over to my wordrobe and just grabed some black skinny leg jeans from  jay jays and a tie dye tank top and my new black vans for tomorrow morning. I walk over to my pjs drawer and just grabed my striped pj shorts and the matching pink top. I got my make up and my toothbrush and toothpaste and all my morning everyday stuff .I got my camping bag and put all the stuff in there. I grabed the box that had the 2 one direction tickets and the V.I.P tickets and grabed my iphone 4 and the charger and messaged danni to say that im on my way and headed out the door.


I was getting all the sleeping stuff ready for bella to sleep over when i recieved a sms on my iphone 4 from Bella saying "hey its Bella, im on my way to your house, gonna ge fun!!! XOXOXO". I messaged her back saying "yes, it is gonna be a fun night. see you in a bit!! XOXOXO"

I heard a knook on the front door, i knew who it was so i just opened it. Bella came in, in her pjs so i just said to her to just wait in the lounge room while i quickly get changed into my pjs.


While danni got changed into her pjs, i went and sat on the lounge and turned on the tv, I was watching this  show that was really really wierd. As danni was finished she came out from her room and i decided it was time to show her my surprice. So i gave it to her. She looked a bit puzzled as she took it off me. When she opened it, she screamed her lungs off and gave me a big hug saying "OMG BELLA I LOVE YOU".


As bella gave me a box, i looked a bit puzzled but i took it and opened it. In the box had 2 one direction tickets and V.I.P tickets for both of us. I screamed my lungs off. I thanked her sooo many times. I even started to cry. ( i never thought that i would cry over one direction tickets)




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