love at first sight <3

Bella and her best friend Danni has V.I.P tickets to ONE DIRECTIONS concert.
When the two best friends get backstage with one direction, everything seems to change. Harry styles falls in love with Bella and Niall falls in love with Danni.


9. The party!!!!!


I just called harry and am now waiting at the front on my house. As harry came, he got out of his car and escorted me to his car. He opened the passanger door for me and let me in (he is such a genleman). As harry was drving, he said how beautifull i looked. I didn't think that i was that beautiful but when he said that it made me feel different inside, but a good different feeling. As we got to harry place, he quickly got out before me and opened my door, i said ''thank you harry''. His eyes, they are just so beautifull and his little dipples, they were so cute. As we got in, the place look amazing and was enmormous. I think my jaw dropped abit. Harry was showing me around the place when i saw liam and katie, they were cuddling up a bit so i said ''awwww look how cute you guys look together''. Liam just laughed and went back and cudded katie again. We entered harry's  bedroom and it was pretty big, it was maybe the size of my house. Harry looked at me and i looked at him for a while. When i was looking in his eyes, it felt magical. But it had to end because we heard  the door bell rang so we went up to it and opened it, it was danni  holding naills hand while  zayn was with perrie holding hands, louis and eleanor were holding hands and liam was in the room cuddling katie. So that meant that the party is gonna start. Gonna be the best


Bella looked beautifull of what she was wearing. As i was showing her around my house we entered my bedroom, i could she that she looked surprised of how big it was. I started looking in her eyes and she looked back into my eyes. I wanted it to last forever BUT someone had to rang the door bell.


As i picked up danni, she was just so beautifull, i couldn't hold it in any longer so i just asked her to be my girlfriend. I know we only meet a few hours ago but as i was picking her up, i came a bit earier so we could talk and get to know each other better. After that i just ask her if she wanted to be my girlfriend and she said 'yes'



After i put the music on, i walked to the kitchen and saw bella sitting down talking to katie. I over heard bella saying to kate ''i really like harry but i just dont know if he likes me back, like maybe he likes me as a friend, not as in girl friend and boyfriend''. As i heard them saying that i started planning a moment on when i should ask her out because now i know that she likes me more than i friend.


I was talking to bella when i ask her ''so whats happening with you and harry?''. She said back saying that she liked harry but didn't know if he liked her back as more than a friend. I wanted to say he did but i wanted harry to tell her himself. We both went out of the kitchen and started dancing. I could see that harry wanted to dance with her so i just ask her is she wanted to dance with harry. She said 'yes'. Bella went over to harry and started dancing, i could see that he was starring in her eyes for a moment. Next moment they KISSED.


Katie said that i should start dancing with harry so i did. Next minute we KISSED. I dont know what happened, i just went blank. But i didnt care. I'm glad he did it. I liked him alot, not the harry styles from one direction but the harry styles in himself (if that makes sence). Harry than asked me if we could go on a date tomorrow. Of course i said 'yes i would love too'.



Bella stayed with me after the party to help me clean up. Me and bella were macking around which was pretty fun. I ask her for a date a bit earlier on and she said yes. After i had to take her home because it was getting a bit late. So i drove her and kissed her on the lips as i watched her get into her house. I dont know what happened to naill and danni but im guesing that they probley went to niall appartment or something.






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