love at first sight <3

Bella and her best friend Danni has V.I.P tickets to ONE DIRECTIONS concert.
When the two best friends get backstage with one direction, everything seems to change. Harry styles falls in love with Bella and Niall falls in love with Danni.


17. The Carnival

danni's  pov:

I was in my own bed at my home sleeping when i got a call. As i checked who it was, i imenditly smiled. It was niall.

''hi niall'' i said back

''hey babe, i just wanted to know if you wanted to go out to the carnival today, like a fun date? naill said

''really, a date. Yes please. I would love to, thanks niall'' i said back

''its okay babe, so i pick u up in half an hour''

''okay, byeeeee'' i said back


I got out of bed and started to have a shower. After my shower i decided to wear my ombred colourful tank top with my dark blue short shorts with my pink high heel snickers. I was finished so i decided to watch some tv for the last minutes. I was watching when i heard a knocked on the door. So i quickly grabbed my purse and went to the front door.

''hey babe, nice outfit'' niall said to me

'''thank you niall, nice outfit to you too,'' i said back

''haha ok, so shall we start going'' niall said

''yeh we shall'' i said laughing

We were walking to the car when he opened the car door for me.

''oh niall, your such a gentleman'' i said to him

''hah, i know i am'' niall said being sassy

*we just arrived*

''WOAH niall, this is huge'' i said to him with my mouth open standing towards the carnival

''yeh i know, its the bigged carnival in town. It only opens once a year"

''wow, thanks you'' i said to him

''anything for my little princess"' he said while kissing me on the lips

We started wondering around.

1 Hour Later

Niall's pov:

 We were holding hands while we walk around the carnival talking.

''Babe, im hungry'' I said

''yeh me too, lets get some food'' she said back

We both walk over to a little shop in the carnial and brought some chips. We sat on a set and shared the chips.  After we ate the chips, i grabbed her hand and headed to the photo booth. We took some really funny photo's. One of the photos was when me and her were kissing on the lips.

We started leaving the carnival holding hands looking at our funny photos.

''this has been been so much fun'' she tells me while looking in my eyes

I smile at her and gave her a kiss on the lips. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her closer towards me.

'' I love you so much and your my only princess'' i whisper to her.

She smiled and we walked towards the car holding hands. We went to my appartment watching movies for the rest of the day











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