love at first sight <3

Bella and her best friend Danni has V.I.P tickets to ONE DIRECTIONS concert.
When the two best friends get backstage with one direction, everything seems to change. Harry styles falls in love with Bella and Niall falls in love with Danni.


27. thank god

Dannis pov:

''you ready princess'' niall said to be before kissing my forehead

''more than ever niall'' I said with a smile

''ok well than lets go'' he said knocking on the door

''COMMINGGGGGG'' I heard a lady say

''here she comes'' niall said

''OMG. NIALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!'' his mum said hugging niall. ''and you must be the beautiful Danni'' she said coming up to me and hugging me.

''Yes it is the beautiful Danni, Where's dad mum?'' niall said with a smile

''oh your dad is just at work, he will be home in 2 or 3 hours'' she said leading us in the lounge room. ''so Danni, Have you ever been to Ireland before?''

''um no I haven't, first time'' I said smiling and being a little shy.

''ok, well maybe niall can show you around tomorrow. So tell me about your self'' she said walking to the kitchen getting some drinks.

''ok well i'm 19 and I was born in Austraila so im Australian but I decided to move to England  when I was 18 so not that long ago I moved to England. Um I have a best friend named bella and she is dating harry'' I said playing with my hands.

''ok that's good. So how did you meet niall?''

I looked at niall with a face saying if he could tell his mum how we meet.

''ok so mum. Me and danni meet by her and her best friend bella went to one of our concerts and they were obviously fans of ours. They also had V.I.P tickets so they went back stage with us. As soon as I saw Danni, I new straight away that she was my princess that I was looking for. And than ever since than, We have been going out and that's how harry and bella meet too''  niall said giving me a wink and a smile

''oh that's so sweet'' niall's mum said coming in with drinks

''thank you mrs horan'' I said shyly taking a drink

''its ok and please call me maura'' she said sitting in the chair straight ahead from me and niall

''so mum, I think that me and Danni are going to unpack now ok'' niall said getting up and grabbing my hand

''ok and Danni, I think you can sleep with niall in his room ok?'' she said giving me a smile

''yeh that's fine'' I said smiling back

''ok lets go'' niall said walking me to his old bedroom

''see Danni, I new that they will love you'' niall said to me while opening his bedroom door.

His bedroom walls were painted a blue colour and he had brown wood furniture.

''ok so you hang your clothes in my wardrobe and I put my clothes in my drawers'' he said looking at me while smiling

''ok niall, thank you for taking me to Ireland and letting me meet your parents'' I  said while hanging my favorite top up.

''Danni, no problem. So after this, were going to quickly go to the shops and get some dinner for my mum and tomorrow i'm going to show you the rest of Mullingar ok? '' he said coming up to me and giving me a quick peck on the lips.

''ok sounds fun'' I said back

1 hour later

Me and niall  got back from the shops like 30 minutes ago and is now on the dinner table eating. Niall's dad hasn't came back from work. Apprently he had to stay back at work and do some stuff.

After dinner

we all just finished dinner. I am now just helping niall's mum do the dishers while niall is getting his bed ready.

''so Danni, How did you like dinner? she asked me while giving me a plate to dry

''yeh it was very good'' I said back putting the plate down

''do you know that niall really loves you'' he said smiling to me while whispering

Before I was about to say anything, Niall walks in and saying that the bed is done.

''nice talking to you Maura and good night'' I said while hugging her.

''goodnight love''

Me and niall went straight to bed while talking.

''so how was today?'' he asked me while hugging me

''it was pretty good. I cant wait for tomorrow'' I said kissing him

''haha me too. My mum really likes you'' he said smiling

''im glad she does, anyway niall im really tired so good night, love you'' I said turning around getting comfortable

''good night princess, I love you too''








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