love at first sight <3

Bella and her best friend Danni has V.I.P tickets to ONE DIRECTIONS concert.
When the two best friends get backstage with one direction, everything seems to change. Harry styles falls in love with Bella and Niall falls in love with Danni.


21. sorting things out

\Bella's pov:

Harry was coming forwards to hug me. I didn't know if I should let him. Like I love him but I don't know. Maybe I should just let this go behind me and just forget what happened at the ice cream shop.

''i'm so sorry harry, I might have over reacted but seeing that girl kiss you, I just don't want that to happen again'' I said to harry trying to hide my tear's back.

''I promise that I wou't let anyone do that again. I love you with all my heart. Your mine and im yours. I only want to feel your lips on my lips. No one else's. So I bed you to stop packing and we can just forget what happend'' harry said while placing his hand on my cheek.

''ok I will stop packing, But I don't understand why the girls would do such a thing'' I said to harry confused

''yeh well about that. After what happened, the girl that kissed me said that it was all planned out. She said that their plan was to follow us and take you away from me and let you see one of them kiss me on perpose. I love you bella with all my heart and I know that I keep on saying it but I do. Your the only girl I want to be with'' harry said to me while not trying to cry.

''thank you harry. That's the nicest thing that any one has ever said to me. I love you too harry. But I just noticed something''

''what's wrong babe'' harry said taking some hair off my face

''I just noticed that we were meant to get some ice cream but we ended up not getting any. oh and were is niall?''

''Oh yeh, I forgot the ice cream. And I don't know were niall is'' harry said

*niall walks in*

''hey guys, im back. I decided to go out for a walk and get some ice cream while you guys were sorting things out. Here, here's your ice cream'' niall said handing me and harry the 2 ice cream cones,.

''aww, thank you niall'' I said taking a lick of my ice cream.

''thanks man, I don't know what ill do with out you'' harry said also taking a lick of his ice cream.

''where's you ice cream?'' harry added

''oh I got hungry on the way and I quickly ate it'' niall said laughing

''hahah that's niall for you'' harry said to me while laughing.

''hahah, anyway where's Danni?'' I asked niall while taking another lick of my ice cream

''oh she's just at home doing some stuff. Oh did I tell you guys that I asked her if she wanted to move in with me and she said yes?'' niall asked getting all excited.

''yeh you have. And congradulations niall'' harry says

''haha thanks, anyway I got to go to Danni. Shes probably worried or something. Oh and listen. Can you guys please don't fight. Seeing you guys cry made me want to cry. OK?'' niall said to me and harry

''yeh sorry niall''  me and harry said

''ha na its fine. Anyway I got to go so see ya'' niall said leaving

''ok bella. Me you in bed now!'' harry said to me acting like a bad cop

''yes sir'' I said playfully doing what he told me.

*me thinking in bed*

ok im lying in bed. When me and harry were sorting things out, he said that he loved me and that he never loved anyone as much as he loved me. No one has ever said that to me before. Before we got into bed, me and harry promised each other that we wouldn't fight again and that we have to tell each other everything.......

*drifting off to sleep*

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