love at first sight <3

Bella and her best friend Danni has V.I.P tickets to ONE DIRECTIONS concert.
When the two best friends get backstage with one direction, everything seems to change. Harry styles falls in love with Bella and Niall falls in love with Danni.


24. I think its time

Niall's pov:

Me and Danni have been dating for about 6 mouth now and i'v been thinking that since me and the boys are having a break, that its time for Danni to finally meet my parents. Last night I was skyping with my parents and they want to meet Danni, so I told them I'll have a talk to Danni tonight and see if she's ready.

* 5 minutes later *

'' um princess, can I talk to you?'' I went up to her and sat next to her on the lounge.

''yeh sure babe, whats up?''

''um I was thinking that maybe since i'v meet your parents a couple week's ago that maybe its time for you to finally meet my parents'' I said

''niall, I would love too but what if they don't like me''

''Danni, of course they will love like you. They love anyone that makes me happy. I was talking to them last night on Skype and they cant wait to finally meet you'' I said taking her hand

''ok niall, I would love too finally meet them, but how are we gonna meet them. Like so we go over there or they come over here?''

'' I was thinking that it will be fun to go on a plane and stay over there house for 1 week. Is that fine with you?''

'' yesssss, But niall I have to tell you something'' she said looking at the ground

''what is it babe'' I said putting my hand under her chin and lifting her chin up.

''don't laugh but i'v never been on a plane before and im kinda scared''

'' Danni, i'll be there with you every second and i'll hold your hand ok. And anyway, were gonna go on our privet jet so it will only be me, you and the pilot'' I said kissing her cheek.

''ok, im so excited to finally meet your parents. When do we leave?''

''we leave tomorrow night, is that alright''

''yeh that's fine, ill start to pack now and get it all over and done with'' she said getting up

''wait, since its almost 8, do you want to watch a movie together and than you go pack?'' I said pulling her hand back

''okay, ill just pack tomorrow'' she said getting back down

*later that night*

After the movie, me and Danni  decided to Skype my mum.

''hi mummy '' I said acting all babyish

''haha hi niall, WOW, Is that Danni"' said my mum all happy

''haha yeh it is'' I said kissing Danni on the lips

''She is Beautiful, I cant wait to  finally meet her'' she said clapping

''haha I know and gues what''

''what honey'' my mum said

''SHES ALL MINE!!!!!'' I yelled putting my hands in the air

''Hahahahha, wow niall. No need to jump. I'm always yours'' said Danni trying to put me back down on the sit

''hahah, so when will we finally see her'' my mum said

''um, we're leaving tomorrow night so we will probably be in Ireland around 9 in the morning'' I said putting my arm around Danni.

''ok, that's fine sweet heart, anyway I got to go. Love you niall, oh and I love you danni'' she said blowing a kiss.

''haha we love you too, good night mum byeee'' I said catching her kiss.

After the Skype, it was getting late so me and Danni just went to bed in each others arms. I seriously cant wait for Danni to meet my parents.

''good night Danni, I love you'' I said kissing her forehead.



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