love at first sight <3

Bella and her best friend Danni has V.I.P tickets to ONE DIRECTIONS concert.
When the two best friends get backstage with one direction, everything seems to change. Harry styles falls in love with Bella and Niall falls in love with Danni.


20. HATE

Louis pov:

''hey eleanor, wake up darling'' i said gently waking eleanor up

''im, im, im awake'' eleanor said stretching and getting out of bed.

''i just got off the phone with simon and he said that me and the lads have to go in the studio and record our next song, so Bella ask me if you and the girls wanted to go shopping today and have a girls day out, is that alright?'' i asked her

''oh yes, thats fine. I'll just sms them now.

Eleanor's pov:

Lou has already left to go to the studio to record some songs. I had just finished getting ready and now i am about to  pick up the girls.

*Already at the shops*

The first shop that we went in to was topshop. They were having a huge sale so i picked up a couple of things, well we all did. We spent hours in topshop. After topshop we decided to go to more shops. When we were walking, this group of girls came up to us and ask all of us for a autogragh and some pictures. We quicky took some pics and went back to shopping.

It was around 5 and lou texted me saying that there home. So me and the girls started headed home.

Bella's pov:

''hey bella, how was today'' harry asked me

''omg it was so fun. A group of fans asked me and the girls for a autogragh and some photos. It was really fun'' i said all excitedly.

''haha thats good sweetheart, wanna go for a walk and get some ice cream? just me and you'' he  asked me.

''yeh sure, ok '' i said getting up and grabbing my  coat.

We were like half way to the ice cream shop when a group of friends came up to us and starting pulling me away from hary. I was facing harrys back, so i could see harry. Next minute one friend from the group came up to harry and just kissed him on the lips. And the worst part was that harry didn't even stop it. I ran with tears in my eyes. I have never felt this heart broken ever in my life. I was running when i felt these arms around me. I looked up and saw niall.

Niall's pov:

I was walking to find harry and bella casue they were taking long and i was getting worried. When i was walking i could notice bella running while crying. I stopped and grabbed her.

''Bella. whats wrong!!???? i asked her

''PLEASE TAKE ME HOME NIALL'' she said crying

'' ok but wheres harry?''

'' I DONT KNOW, JUST PLEASE TAKE ME HOME NOW'' she said now crying hard.

Harry's pov:

''Get the Hell off me' i said gently pushing the girl of me.

''but harry, you love me'' she said coming back near me.

''um no i dont, i dont even know who you are. and i have a girlfriend'' i said pushing her gently again

''no you dont, not any more. She saw you kissing me and ran away crying'' so i gues its just me and you now''

''no i dont even like you, go away bye'' i said about to scream in her face.

I was now about to cry, i couldn't find bella anywhere. I could feel my phone ring, It was naill.


' I'll tell you everything when i get back, Where are you and bella?'' i ask

''we are at your appartment, Bella is packing her bags. Im trying to stop her but she wout stop.'' niall said

''Oh my god. ok niall. Im on my way. Just please tell her to stop packing, I beg you. I love her'' i said crying to niall through the phone.

''ok ok, ill try''

Bella's pov:

I just wanted to pack my things and go back home. Living with harry was a big mistake. I will always love him but seeing that girl kiss him and hary not trying to stop it made me heart broken. Niall was telling me to stop packing but i didnt listen. Next thing harry came storming in.

''Bella, please let me explain'' he said crying

''what harry, what? i know what i saw'' i said back  trying to keep my tears back.

''no you dont know what you saw! The girls on purposly did that''  he said

''how you know? she kissed you and you didnt even stop her. You just went on with it!!!''

'' oh bella please, i did try to stop but every time i tried, she would always come closer. I would never never never hurt you. I love you bella, please please forgive me and stop packing your bags. Please i beg you. Please'' harry said now crying so hard that it hurt me.

WOAH, he just said that he loved me. No Boy has ever said that to me.

''wow, harry. I love you but at that moment, i was heart broken'' i said crying

''Bella please. I love you. I have never loved anyone as much as i love you. Please please please forgive me bella please'' harry said coming up to me about to hug me.......

Hey guys. Believe it or not but this chapter took me HOURS to do. I wanted to stop here but comment if you think that harry and bella will get back together :)









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