love at first sight <3

Bella and her best friend Danni has V.I.P tickets to ONE DIRECTIONS concert.
When the two best friends get backstage with one direction, everything seems to change. Harry styles falls in love with Bella and Niall falls in love with Danni.


31. chapter 31

Bella's pov:

-week time-

Its been 1 week since Danni and niall went to Ireland. I really miss hanging out with Danni. Ever since we meet one direction and have  HOT boyfriends that's in a band, we haven't really spent much time together. So I was thinking that when she comes, me and harry go pick them up from the air port and go somewhere while harry and niall do something together and me and Danni go SHOPPING!!!!!!!!____________________________________________________________________________

 ''oh my flipping god, I missed you!!!!!!!!!!'' I screamed while hugging dani

''didn't you miss me food buddy'' niall said while I came to hug him.

Oh yeh, did I forget to tell you that me and niall are FOOD BUDDIES!!! Since we both love eating, We became food buddies :)

''sorry niall, how can I not miss my little irish food buddie'' I said hugging niall.

If you guys are wondering were are all the fans, well we went in this secret way so no body can see us :)

''so how was your little holiday and your parents'' I ask niall

''yeh there good, They sure love Danni. They showed her all of my babie photos and they were all just so embarrasing'' he said smiling and giving a little laugh at the end

''hahah I would love to see them (Little laugh). Hey niall, can I ask you something?'' I said looking at him.

(A/N Sorry for this but just to get it out there. Niall is holding Danni's hand and harry is holding bellas hand. Just so you get what is happening or something :) )

''yeh whats up bells (yes niall calls to bells to get me annoyed because he knows that I hate when people call me that ! ). '' Niall said giving a little laugh.

'' niall, I don't you that I hate when people call me that'' I said whinning

'' don't care (laugh) whats up bells'' niall said annoying me again on purpose

 (gently slap on his shoulder) ''ok well I was wondering if once we go to the car, we can go to the mall. Like me and Danni have a little bff time together while you and harry do what boys do. Is that alright?'' I ask him

''Bella, you know that that would be fine with me, but we have no body guards around. If something goes wrong, whats gonna happen?'' he said while getting his luggage.

''well, I don't know. Cant you like call the mall and tell them if they can close the shops and just let us in? like it would be fun'' I said hopping that he would say yes.

''I have never thought of that, but ill give it a try once we get in the car. OK?'' he said winking at me

''YAYYYY ok thank you niall'' I said giving him a quick hug and starting talking to my boyfriend harry.


Were finally at the shops ALONE!!! who new that one direction could book a mall with only one phone call :)

''ok, so you boys go do whatever boys do and me and Danni will do whatever girls do, which is SHOPPING!!!!!!!. LETS GO DANNI!!!'' I said yelling the last part out.

I quickly gave harry a kiss on the lips and Danni does the same with niall.

''ok lets go'' I said gentry grabbing Danni

We shopped at heaps of stores. I brought 10 skinny jeans in every single colour, 2 pairs of high heels, 1 pair of joggers, 2 pairs of flats, some make up, heaps of all different kind of tops and some dresses and skirts. Dani got mostly the same.

(if your wondering how i get all the money, me and Danni both have part time jobs :I )

'' its been nearly 4 hours, do u think we should leave now?'' Danni ask me

''omg, has it really!!! I got so caught up on the shopping that i forgot about the time. Lets call the boys''  i said getting all of my shopping bags

''actually, i was thinking that insteed of calling them, lets scare them. Yeh?'' Danni said with a wink

''hahahah. But where are we gonna find them''

''well niall just smsed me 5 minutes ago that there in these video game store upstairs, so lets go before they leave'' dani said running and i ran behind her.

Me and Danni are quietly entering the video game store. We can see harry and niall looking at some video games.

''ok lets go'' i whispered to Danni while moving my head into saying lets move

''on the count of 3. 1. 2.3'' dani whispered


Me and Danni screamed out and getting on there backs. Of corse i jump on harrys back and Danni jumped on niall back

''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!'' harry screamed while dropping a video game

''HAHAHAHHAH WE SCARED YOUUUUU. HAHAHAHHA!!!!! i said twirling my pointy finger to them

''HAHAH NO YOU DIDNT, WE JUST WANTED TO PLAY ALONG!!!! niall said defending himself

''haha what ever. Lets go (laugh)'' Danni said


Me and harry are at our apartment and lying on the bed. Its has just past midnight. We're wrapped into each others arms. Its gets all awkward. So i decided to ask harry a question.

''um harry'' i said all softly

''yes babe'' harry said turning around to face me

I take a deep breath ''do wanna mary me?'' i said feeling stupid that i just said that.

''Gee babe, that's a loaded question'' harry says pulling my hair back

I sigh ''i know, but its just...its going to be one or the other, right? we either commit to each other and move on to the next level, or we hate each other and move on our own different ways'' i said to him afraid of what he will say.

Harry tilts my chin with his 2 fingers and looks seriously into my dark brown eyes.

''i cant answer you question now but i want you to know one thing. I will never hate you Isabella. Whether were separated in the future or not, i will always love the girl who catched my heart in secends. But for now, lets be together and have the time of our lives and live to the fullest. And maybe , just maybe we'll reach to that level. When the time if right. But Isabella. I truly madly deeply (lol) love you. Maybe in the future people will start calling you Bella styles, you never know.'' Harry said giving me his famous wink (by the eye of course ! not anything else, lol)

''Thank you harry, i love you, good night'' i said kissing harry on the lips

'' good night beautiful''


Hey girlys. I really hope that you girls like this chapter. I am gonna start a new movellas but its only gonna be imagines so please comment if you want an imagine. Just comment your name, boy and what you want it to be about ;)

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