Truth & Illusion

realty, myth


1. Truth -Illusion


Truth and Illusion


 Truth and Illusion,
Are never a confusion!
One is as true as the other;
Illusion is an event,
Truth is ultimate.

World is like a maze,
We grope our way on the stage;
Our roles are clear,
Grudge them never.

Like form and shadow,
Material and Spiritual
Individual and Social;
Integerity and Intelligence,
Good goals and right deeds;
They ever go together,
One without the other
Can never be a winner!

Strong and clean mind
Right and straight can find;
Love and wisdom
With mistakes seldom;
Makes human bonds meaningful
Keeps relations graceful
Blends truth and illusion as one.

God is Truth
World is Illusion
World the Illusion,
Dwells in God the Truth!

If we play our part
With purity of thought
Light is elevated in our heart-
An offering to that supreme existence,
Highest truth, purest love and bliss-
The Absolute!

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