Finite to Infinite

Micro to macro


1. I & HE


Finite to Infinite


 "I" the inner
"ME" the observer,
Meet somewhere
Merge together,
On no man's boundary.
Ever expanding and all pervading - omnipotent.
Joys and Sorrows
Victories and Failures,
Love and Hate
Life and Death,
Ups and Downs
Vastness and Pettiness,
Light and Darkness:
Duality urges
For the unknown in the known;
A longing to relate
Personal to impersonal,
Feel oneness in divergence
Find unity in diversity.
Confused at the connection
Amazed at the revelation;
The truth struck 
Like a lightening in my heart,
A flash of divine thought,
One in all, all in one - omniscient.
The conscious stretched
Individual to Universal,
Finite to Infinite,
"I" the inner being
Embraced the all whole being.
At the ever expanding
And all pervading "I"
I gazed with wonder
Oh God! It is me everywhere - Omnipresent

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