An Ode to My Parents

A tribute to Parents


1. Parents-Tribute

An Ode To My Parents


 I wish to hold your hands

Gently to my eyes,
With great gratitude and deep respect
for your tender love and care.

I wish to touch your feet
With a heavy and humble heart,
To ask your forgiveness
For the hurt you felt.

Swept by the stream of life
With ups and downs,
The mind is muddled
The perception is numbed.

Your depth of love
Height of scarifices,
And the countless compromises
Everything taken for granted.

Priorities are changed
Purposes are shaped,
Plans are laid
Progress is mounted.

But the picture is lost,
And the roots dwindled into miniature.
"To err is human; to forgive is divine".

The follies of youth
Arrogance and ignorance,
Forgiven in silence
By the well wishing old.

Mother! Father!
My first teachers!
You truly shaped my character,
With good culture and right values.

Blessed with a few of your traits
your memory stays eternal,
The inheritance a great treasure
To be bequeathed to the next heirs.

If only I can turn the clock back
And go into the past
When your presence still graced our lives,
To make amendments and rectify mistakes
For the pain to go and the peace to settle in.

God, I thank you for the blessing
I had in my parents;
I pray to you for the same
In all my births to come.

I truly regret my failure
To make the picture brighter,
And the moments happier
But the chance is lost forever.

Lord! Keep this awareness alive
With the light more clear
To weave the fabric of love and care,
To be worthy in the births to come.

I bow with all the respect
That's due 
To those enlightened souls
Truly blessed in both the ways.

(To the loving memory of my parents)

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