the skai is blue

ok so im kida making it up as i go but basically its a romance about a girl whose parents have died it also deals with all of the emotions of that and has some twists so hope you like it:)


2. her?

We had been talking for about 30 minutes now ..well she was talking and jooking with sammi and i was well...observing"auntie joan?" sammi started "dont call her that shes not our family" i snapped everyone looked at me with shock then they softened thier looks and they melted with pity.I grumbled and stormed into my room.Tears flowed from my eyes someone knoked on the door"skai?" i heard lillys voice "go away please!" i screamed ,maybe that was mean considering all her family has done for sammi and i but at this moment i didnt care i'd apoligise later.I felt my eyes watering and stared at the mirror wiping them away.My big green eyes were puffy and shiny .Thats it i couldnt stay in this cramped up room any longer i had to leave i tied my straight ginger hair up in a high bun and chucked on my converses and a jacket ,i grabed my handbag as i opened the door and slung it over my shoulder she was still sitting on the couch with everyone hanging on every word she said "im going out for a while,ill be back for tea" i said  then shut the front door behind me so no one could protest.

i was walking in the streets thats about all i knew my mind was in a fizz and tears blurred my eyes uncontrolably.People stared at me but i didnt care.i was aware of a car slowing down and coming to the curb next to me.I kept waking then someone tapped on my shoulder while saying my name i turned around to see lillys dad looking at me i just stood there waiting for him to say something i glanced down to break the awkward stare"skai" he said i looked up but it wasnt mr lewis instead staring at me were the green eyes of my father, shock flooded through me.No i thought, i screamed and started running away"no" i yelled "your dead" he chased after me and grabbed me from behind i kicked and screamed and yelled "your dead" continuously then  passed out for the first time in my whole life.

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