the skai is blue

ok so im kida making it up as i go but basically its a romance about a girl whose parents have died it also deals with all of the emotions of that and has some twists so hope you like it:)


1. gone

Thursday 14th of March 2013

Dear mum and dad.

You died last night..But i guess you know that.Im angry at you for leaving ,why'd you have to go on your date night?,why'd you choose that cinema? why'd you have to choose the one theatre room that collapsed when the earthquake struck? why did you let it take you .Why did you leave sammi and i alone.i hate you for not being here!

A tear eacaped my eye as i slammed my diary shut,i wiped it away quickly to stop the waterfall that i knew would come.No, if i was going to cry it would be behind closed doors not infront of everyone.I would not show weakness.Sammi hadnt cried either i dont think he understands, can you understand that your parents were crushed to death when you are 4 years old i dont even know if i completely comprehed it all and im 15.A knock woke me up from  my daze "come in" i muttered Mrs lewis poped her head in the door"hey skai how are you? she asked sweetley i wish people would stop asking that what do they expect me to say ? my parents just died and im angry and depressed but im the kind of person that keeps that kind of stuff bottled  up "fine thanks " i lied "good well there is someone here to see you" i looked up confused who would be here for me? i have no family other than my little brother sammi and i have only one friend,lilly and im staying at her house now.Lilly and her parents took us in until someone sorted somewhere for us to live.Lillys mum looked at me with pity shining in her eyes.I hate that look "i can ask her to leave if your not up for visitors" she said.her? now i was curious " no ill come out thanks" i said,i sighed and jumped off my bed with exhausting effort.  

A/N: ok i know your thinking that this is kinda just like any other story where the parents die but trust me it will get better and it will be differentso like and comment and fan would be awesome thanks :)

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