A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


7. Why?

*Zayn's POV*

              When we arrived home I hugged her goodbye and went next door to my house. I opened the door with my key chain with stitch on it. I walked in "MUM I AM HOME!!!" "Hey Honey !!! How did it go???"she asked "fine..."That's all i could get out. I didn't even tell her about my classes. I especially didn't want to tell her i already had a crush on someone. I walked into my new blue room and lied on the bed and thought. Why did i almost kiss Danni? I know she has beautiful green eyes, Long straightened Brown hair, sweet and caring. But Why did i almost kiss her? I wish i had a box with a big red button and when i press it the whole day would start over. But i didn't want to start over my friendship with Danni. I just wanted to redo that 'almost kiss'. ughhh why why why?

*Louis's POV*

              When my mum was driving me home from school i kept thinking about how Liam asked for Danni's number. As we arrived i unbuckled my seat belt and went straight to my room. I thought for a while. I really do like Danni. ALOT. She is adorable sweet and funny like me. I mean I am not vain but i get comments. I just want to- My train of thought was ruined by Faded voices outside my window. I looked down from the window and saw Zayn hugging Danni. WHY?!?! Zayn already got a head start! That is totally unfair. Well if he wants to play that way then so be it! 

*Harry's POV*

            When i was in room, I was playing Call of Duty 1 and was just thinking about Liam, Louis, AND Zayn liking Danni. I just knew they would like her because...she is so darling. My insides just turn into butterflies when i first bumped into her. Then i heard murming. I saw Zyn and Danni HUGGING it was kinda faded so i open the window just a tad. Enough for me to hear them. "So see yah tomorrow?" she asked "Uh yeah! and after school I'll meet you at the trail okay? BYEE!" he answered i looked back at the T.V screen. He liked her ALOT i can tell how he looks at her WHYYY ZAYN. Fine! I will just have to walk home! aha If Zayn can walk home with her... I can too

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