A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


2. What the fuck

                           As my mom's car slowly drives up to my school, I kiss her goodbye. I slowly get out of the car, shut it and walk up to my friends. With a happy look on my face I walk up to my friends Nicole and Erin. "HEY HEY HEY"Erin practically yells while her red hair bounces up and down "hey" I say holding up to my ear because she SCREAMED in it! "Can i ask you a question? Directioner to Directioner?" I make a puppy dog face. For some reason she looked confuzzled. "ummmmmm sure?"she pronounced. "What happened to Zayn's twitter?" This time her and Nicole looked confused. "Ummmm Who the fuck is Zayn?" OH.MY.GOSH she has to be pulling on my nipples. Zayn was her favorite! She better be joshing with me. "ZAYN MALIK THE SEXIEST BOY IN ONE DIRECTION!!!" i yelled at her while shaking her. This time she looked so so lost. Then she said it. It ruined my perfect direction little heart. "Who is one direction" She questioned. I told her about alll their songs and even sang them to her! but (sigh) it didn't work. Erin looked at her phone and it was only 8:37 and we have school at 9:01 (YEAH lucky me) Then I see my *excuse me* Black bestest friend Adriana with her short tight curls "DANNNEHHH!!" She jumps on me. She looked somewhat excited. she jumped up and down and said "Did you here about the NEW FIVE students????"

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