A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


16. Truth or Dare

*Niall's POV*

           Poor Louis, Before I went to the park to play soccer. Louis texted me the whole thing about Danni walking in on him and stuff. My thoughts were interrupted by screaming Zayn:

"TRUTH OR DARE" He said with his mouth full of white teeth. Damn i wish i had those teeth everybody agreed and it was Danni's turn.

Danni's POV*

            Okay Now to get Niall

"Niall..." I cocked an eyebrow " Truth or Dare?" I said in a french accent.

"Dare" OHHHHHH playing dirty I see.

"Okayyy..." I played along. I looked around me when I saw an old lady jogging with big earphones on. aha! " Okay Niall... Go up to that lady see?" He nodded " And dance and shake your butt in front of her" Everyone giggled as Niall got up and pulled his pants up because they were sagging down a little. He went in front of her to stop her tracks and sang:



We all fell from laughter with Louis crying from laughter. When we all sat up and looked at Niall. He was getting beat up slowly with the old ladies crane. Again we all laughed, holding our sides of how bad it hurt. Niall got up quickly and went to the swings back again. 

"Hey guys lets sit in a circle on the grass over there yeah?" Liam asked. We all agreed so we can see each other better . When we all got settled Niall shook himself clean. Once he sat down he smirked evilly at me.

"Okay Niall our little koala your next buddy" Liam remarked. Niall nodded at Liam then smirked at me again

" Okay Danni" He started " Truth or Dare?" still smirking

"*Truth please" I smiled at him. He frowned them smiled.

"Okay fine then" He stroked his invisible beard. "What were you thinking when you saw Louis..." He stopped when he saw Louis heard buried in his hands. 

"Well.. " I said " It really suprised me because i would never think that I would see Louis or any BOY butt naked and 'Pleasure' Himself" Harry and Zayn snickered and Louis had his head still buried in his hands. I felt bad that I actually answered that question

I'll pass the next one" I mumbled.

"OH OH OH I WANNA GO" Harry screamed.

*Zayn's POV*

            Oh No not Harry. He is the one that makes people kiss each other even when its the same gender. Harry smirked evilly showing off his left dimple. 

"Okay" He Started " You" He pointed to Danni. "And  You he pointed to me. Oh gosh I can feel my heart pounding creeping up to my throat. We waited for Harry's dare. "Kiss" I was now splashed in red. 

*Danni's POV*

              What did he say ?

*Liam's POV*

                I will beat him up if he agrees to kiss her, she is mine.

*Louis's POV*

               Wow the Masturbating incident now this? What worse can happen to me?

*Nialls' POV*


*Harry's POV*

         It doesn't matter if they kiss or not it doesn't mean anything. I mean you never know if Zayn tells us to kiss.

*Danni's POV*

        No really what did he say? All I saw was Zayn's face pink. Louis head still buried in his hands. Liam looks Like he is going to kill someone. Harry looks evil smiling and Niall looks like he is watching a very intense Football game. WHAT IS GOING ON? I bet i looked very confused. Then Zayn got up and sat between me and harry. I was very confused right now. I look down trying to think when Zayn lifts my head up by putting his finger on my chin. I heard Liam's hands clench into a fist. Zayn looks into my eyes. He leans his head close to mine. Okay pause for a minute. IMAGINE Zayn Malik putting a finger below your chin to lift your head so it' s facing his. Okay? Now he slowly comes face to face with you. Inches I MEAN TWO OR ONE INCHES AWAY FROM YOU I MEAN I WOULD BE FREAKING OUT BY NOW ON THE FLOOR CRYING TO DEATH. Back to right now. Now one inch away from me, He crashes his lips onto mine. Suddenly the boys dissappear and it' s only me and him. Oh my goodness. I was overwelmed. I have never been kissed before. Except for my mom or dad but still!!!! He leaned back and sat where he was. Liam glared at Zayn and Niall was now screaming WOOP WOOP. I hear Louis sniffling and Harry is usually smirking. What just happened? I looked at all of them. I tore them apart didn't I. Why was Louis crying? Why does Liam look like he is on fire? What.. wha.. wha ..what? My legs take over my body and i walk straight home. I knew they were growing apart I mean when Louis was glaring at Zayn in the lunch line. Ans when Zayn whispered to me a secrete and Harry said he was jelouse and Louis was glaring again? why? Not turning back I heard Niall calling out my name. In my thoughts, I was thinking that they would kill each other if they could on just guessing by their looks. When I heard arguing and a couple of thumps on the floor.


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