A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


24. Tea and Naked People

*Louis' POV*

         I put the biscuts in the toaster and started to get butter out when I felt eyes staring into my neck. Danni was looking at me. I smiled to myself. Maybe she forgot about back then. Maybe i still have a chance with her. I took the two cups of tea towards her. 

"Yorkshire is my Favorite." I smiled into a sip of warm sugary goodness into my stomach. Yorkshire tea taste like coffee. It is so yummy. I looked into her green sparkling eyes. She now reminds me of Hazza. Brown curly hair and green eyes. I wonder what happened to her when she was kidnapped. Danni is actually acting like it had never happened but it did 3 days ago. Maybe was always almost close to killing her. Maybe he raped her. Who knows? She does....She smiled at me a chuckled. Which reminded me i was staring at her...

"Are you okay Lou? You looked a bit dazed no?" I shrugged and nodded. Harry came out of the bathroom completely naked. I reached over the table to cover her eyes. 

"HARRY can you not?" I laughed. He shrugged and looked at Danni whose eyes were covered. He almost looked suprised like he forgot she was there and ran off to his room with his thing flying round. "

 "Oh god I just saw his torso and thats all i needed to know that he was naked" She clapped her hands. And i laughed with her.

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