A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


9. Strange

*Hey guys, I like to thank you for reading my story "Invisible" which is my first story i had ever wrote and thank you for giving a warm feeling in my stomach thinking that 63 people read this. I am very truley happy. And of course this chapter has Niall's pov FINALLY haha and leave comments about what do you predict what HAPPENS !!! THANK YOU soooo MUCH XOXO - Daniela.

*Niall's POV* 

         At school de boys have been acting very strange around Danni. I can tell they like her ALOT but I have also noticed they were secretly fighting over her. Well my fourth period of science with Mrs. Harrison ended so lets see what happens at lunch.

*Danni's POV*

         I walked to the lunch line and suprisingly got in the front! I looked in front of me and there was black hair. I tapped Zayn's shoulder so i would get him to notice me. He turned around with those Sparkly light brown eyes and smiled. 

"Vas Happening?!?!" He yelled. That felt good hearing him yell that in person knowing that is really Zayn.

"How was your day at school Mr. Malik?" I cocked an eyebrow and an accent at him. He laughed.

"Mr. Malik? and my day was good!" The lunch lady then yelled at him for not paying attention. His cheeks glowed a bright pink. Heheh it was funny to see him blush when you are the one who is supposed to.  I looked around while picking my lunch. I looked behind me at the long line still behind us. And found Louis glaring at Zayn. What was his problem? I snapped by Zayn's face to get Louis eyes attracted away from him. He flinched and blushed knowing what I had done.

"Zayn?!" I got his attention

"What?" He questioned "Why was Louis glaring at you? Is he mad or something?" I asked. He thought for a moment and shook his head. I grabbed my lunch, put in my lunch pin number and walked out of the cafeteria. I went to a lonely table because my friends never liked me. I knew what they were always talking about and there voices Gossiped "oh she is SUCH a slut!" HEY i have never had a boyfriend! I am not like Ashely bullying people and changing there boyfriends like T-shirts! I thought about this and heard a bunch of lunch trays slamming on the table. Louis on my right, Harry on my left, Zayn right across from me and on the right of Zayn sat Niall and on the left of Zayn sat Liam. I smiled.

"Why all alone Love?" Harry questioned. Love? I think that was some British language i mean CHERIO! I shrugged and started eating. As I finished we all talked for a bit.

*Zayn's POV*

       As i was sitting down with all six of us I was thinking Why WAS Danni alone? I decided to have a little fun and since she covinced me into singing, I get revenge. I reckoned her to tell her a secrete. What i was about to do always worked on girls hehehe.

My lips went to her ear and whispered quietly" You look dashing today" I looked at her arm and there layed hundreds of goosebumps. I chuckled at them. I leaned back down to my seat and stared at her. She looked very flattered and blushed to herself.

"What did you tell her?" Louis demanded

"Oh nothing...." I smirked.

*Danni's POV*(Short)

       ummmm awkward!!! When he told me that i automaticly knew he was trying to make me feel better because he knew something was wrong. But when he told me that my inside turned upside down and loads and loads of red came to my cheeks. Although Louis looked very angry. I wondered whats wrong Him and harry were acting very strange lately.

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