A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


12. Soccer Fight

*Danni's POV*

            ~ " Heyyyy Danni!!!" A british accent greeted. "Oh Hey Harry!" I said back. "Harry who told YOU to say Hi to her?" A deep voice said. "Zayn it is fine he just said Hi !" I snapped at him. "Zayn you prick stop doing that to Danni! She doesn't want a fight to happen. But if it does... I will hold Danni!!!" Louis said behind me. All the sudden everyone started to argue. I went to a park and sat on the swing. Why are they fighting? I heard something smack to the ground and then yelling and punching. I ran back to see Liam on the ground, Zayn punching Louis and Harry kicking Zayn. My eyes grew wet. I was yelling, screaming at them, but they never heard me. I grabbed my knees to my chest and sobbed until I saw a knife in someones hand. "NO STOP!''~

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I yelled. I looked around and found myself at a room. My forehead was sweaty and I can feel my heart banging inside of me. My mom ran in and hugged me.

"Everything is alright honey it is just a dream." She comforted me. That was a really weird dream. I looked at my clock when it read 6:oo. I guess my nightmare ended at the right time. I got up when my mom left closing the door. I put on my shin guards then my rainbow tie dye socks. I then put on my Rainbow tie dye shirt( I know lots of rainbows)and my shoes on. I went to the kitchen to eat Pb and J toast, brush my teeth. "MOM I'M READY!!!"  i yelled 

When I went in the stadium I met my friend,Nicole, from my soccer team.

"Ready Nikki Poo Poo number 2???" I asked

"Yes I am ready to kick some grass!! What about you Danni Jo Jo?" she asked back. I put a thumbs up when we started to stretch. When we were all ready we went to the sideline to find out our positions.

"Danni you are in Right Forward, Nicole Is Middle Foward...!" Yessss!!!! I never get to be forward! I always get defender position but you know I am kind of the best defender in the whole team. We got in our positions and I looked out on the field. GASPPP!!!! I look out on the other field and see my worst enemy , Ashely. Typical blond girl name, typical perfect body and make up!!( note the girly voice) I narrowed my eyes at her when she looked at me. I heard the referies whistle blow and I am off. I ran towards the defender, right were ashley was.

"Ugh well isn't the Whore, Danni!" She said in the most ANNOYING VOICE EVER. I ignored her when the ball past to my feet. Ashely ran to me trying to charged the ball out of my grasp when i pull it back words. Of course she fell. I kept running with the wind in my hair. I kicked the ball as hard as I can to the corner of the net. 

"GOALLL !!!! THAT'S MY DAUGHTER SEE LOOK!!!" My dad yelled obiously. My team mates all ran up to me and high fived me including Nicole. I was so happy that I scored a goal! I barely did... Actually I never did from the whole season! 

" HEY YOU MADE ME FALL ON PURPOSE!!!" I heard an annoying voice behind me. I looked at her and smiled while I was waving showing Ashley how HAPPY I was. Her face grew a tomato red. She ran up to me and Bitch slapped me. It didn't hurt at all actually. She smiled of how proud she was. I heard gasp behind me from the parents. So I decided to give them all a show. I bitch slapped her right back and she fell to the ground crying. I looked behind me and there was my dad all smiley. HEHE he was always a funny little chappy. I looked back at her. And i am pretty sure that wasn't her. I looked up to a big girl. I'm sorry but she was majorly big. She punched me . Oh bitch she wanted to play it like that OKAY!!! i jumped on her and slapped her across the face when she kicked me in the back. I fell on my side off from her while i felt someone kicking my stomach. The gurl stopped so i got up and punched her 3 times. I felt all the parents trying to break us up. It all happened really fast. I was held back from my dad. when Ashely punched me. I looked at my dad letting me go to fight her.

"WHAT WHY DID YOU DO THAT" My mom screamed at my dad while I jumped on Ashely bringing her down I kicked her in the stomach when i big fist smashed my face. Everything darkened and I heard murming and yelling all around me. I blacked out.

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