A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


27. Old Times

Woah what was that. He kissed my hand. I sat up in the bed and touched my hand. Who knew that I would be fantasizing about them when i was 13 and now that I am 18 I am sitting here in Harry and Louis house sitting in their bed. Oh god now I am going to cry. I don't want to cry I'm not going to let me. I stood beside the bed looking into my reflection in the mirror. I fixed my straight hair and unknotted it. I fixed my appearance a little bit more. There. Why am I nervous. It is just the Harry and Louis...Right? I walked out the door and I heard the T.V going on. On my tippy toes, I carefully looked around the corner to see who it was. Harry. I walked out normally and sat down beside him. I looked at the T.V. Soccer. It was light in here. Not like the yellow lamp reflection, but like sun rays came out of the windows like it was heaven. I could be here forever and not be bored. Harry didn't say anything at first. 

"How was your sleep?" Harry turned his face to me but his eyes never left the T.V. I nodded.

"Nice. A nice good sleep for once." I giggled softly. "How about yours Harry how was your sleep?" I asked him while I put a hand on his knee. He nodded as well. 

"I can still hear the screams of teenaged girls..." Harry trailed off probably remembering their tour. He nodded once he was satisfied with his imagination. I smiled softly. The kind of smile a drunk person would have. 

"Where is Louis?" I ran my hands down my leg roughly. Harry looked at me for a bit and studied my face. He nodded. Is there something wrong with his neck I swear it has a nodding issue. 

"Mmmm..." He started. "He really likes you Danni." He smiled at me. My stomach twirled like in Ballet. "Like a lot. He wants to protect you and when he couldn't he was so mad at himself." Harry gritted his teeth and drew a sharp breath in. "He thought that if you didn't love him he would die but he just noticed if..You didn't choose him, he would have to let you go." Louis loved me. He loved me. I can't say anything else He loves me. "Do you like him more than a friend?"

"Hmmm Are you sure you won't tell him though?" I bit my lip as I smiled excitedly. Harry giggled like a little girl. 

"Promise. Louis never told me to promise him so Hahaha." He fake laughed before cracking up with me. "You would make a perfect couple OMG" Harry rolled his eyes and exaggerated his laugh. I copied him. Oh this was perfect we both were like little 10 year olds....Just like old times..

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