A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


20. NO.... it's not true

*Danni's POV*

             I am found. I am not lost anymore. I don't have boiling water on my back. I can eat things other than a loaf of bread. 

"Danni where were you and were is the man who took you?" Liam asked. " AND WHAT DID YOU EAT? It looks like you haven't had eatin in YEARS!!!!" Niall exclaimed. "OH I AM GOING TO KILL HIM ... or her or them. REALLY who did kidnapp you?" Louis asked aswell. " HERE have some water you look soooo pale!!!!" Zayn shook water in my face. " EWW I am so sorry! We have found you or you came to us and YOUR HOME but you really reek!!" Harry said pinching his nose together. I just smiled. I remember now how we all had fun at school and home in the past. 

"THE QUESTION IS !!!!! were is my mom and dad and how is she doing!!!!! i havent seen HER IN YEAR I NEED TO SEE HER!!!"I jumped up. They all stopped asking questions. Liam took my arm and took me into a family restroom. He sat down on a little chair and I did the same. He looked at me then the floor. Why won't he talk!!!! TELL ME WHERE MY PARENTS ARE!!! 

"How are they then!!!! I know they aren't good cuz' I was kidnapped you know!!!" I asked him. He looked at me with hurt eyes. 

"Well, you see Danni.... The month after you were kidnapped... We all went searching for you. I mean your whole family and friends!!!! so your mom and dad started to lose their minds and go crazy! Like they screamed and kicked everything ahead of them. So your mom and dad went in their car to drive home because we were a a mile down your house, but... your dads eyes got blurry and lost control of the wheel...." What? My mom and dad are... dead. No no no no no this can't be true this can't be true.

*Liam's POV*

         After I told her she first sat very still until i saw water building up behind her eyes. She started shaking like a spazzed out chihuahua. She got up roughly and started yelling. 

"HOW COULD YOU LET THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She went to me and started banging on my chest. " I NEVER SAID GOODBYE OR NOTHING !" She yelled in a raspy voice. " THE ONE LAST TIME THEY SAW WHEN I WAS IN A FUCKING FIGHT WITH FUCKING ASHELY!!!!!!!" After that she stopped banging and slid down to the floor at my feet and broke down crying. I looked behind me when i crouched to the floor . At the door frame stood the four boys. When I looked back at Danni she started to have a seizure. She sshaked and sshaked and her eyes were almost all white. Oh my I started to panick.

"HELP HELP SHE IS HAVING A SEIZURE!!!!" I said while the boys rushed to her sides to try to hold her still but she was a human earth quake. I heard sirens over my sobbs of tears..... The rest was a blurr...

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