A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


23. Louis'

 *Danni's POV*

       Later on that day Liam took me to Louis' house with no words. I knocked on a white blue tinted door. Louis' came out with Harry sitting on the couch behind him. 

"Danni what on Earth on you doing here?" Louis said uncomfertably. Why ? Maybe it is because the really last time i saw the real him was at his house when he was...yeah 6 years ago. Maybe. 

"Uh... I wanted to see my Best Buddy in the World." I smiled cheekily at him. Enough for him to not know that I was lying. He blushed and rushed me in. 

"Haarrrryyyyyy!!!!" I jumped on him. He groaned in pain. "You are way more jittery than before." He chuckled. 

"Well I guess i didn't really feel as strong as before..." I grew distant. 

"Love, Would you like some tea? You look awfully cold." I nodded and walked to the bar next to the Kitchen. They were in a their house. I guess they lived together but I think it is nice because they are like brothers. Niall went to Irelend after the concert. I guess the one i went to was the last of the tour. Liam lived awfully close with his girlfriend though. 

I sat down and waited till Louis made the tea. Their house is pretty big. Nice kitchen. Tile floors and white walls. The refridgerator had pictures of their mums and dads, and sisters. Not to Mention the boys as well. 

"Tell me Danni.." Louis whispered as the kettle was heating up. "Why are you really here instead of Liams huh?" I looked at him with a confused face. " I am not dumb you know." I chuckled and looked at Harry but i guess he left to go to the bathroom. "Uh Right when we got to his house...Uh...Dani or Danielle kissed him right in front of me. I guess i still had feelings all along..." The Kettle started shrieking and coughing with smoke. Louis ran to it quickly and turned it off pouring the boiling water into two tiny cups. Then he got tea packets out of  little drawer and put the two in. "How many teaspoons?" Louis pointed to the sugar. I held up 3 of my fingers and smiled. Louis glinded left and right putting biscutes into  a toaster and taking out other things to munch on. I never noticed Louis face and movement. He was way muscular now then 6 years ago and he had blue eyes. I could say turquoise also. His jaw was strong and he has a chissled face. Louis is beautiful. But I have to choose my feelings for Zayn and Harry also. Oh god I like 4 out of 5 boys I am such a fucking slut. Why are my feelings all over the place...

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