A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


13. Louis House

*Danni's POV*

             "UGHHHH !!! Danni ! Good thing you didn't get kicked out of the whole soccer tourtament eh!!" My mom yelled. "Hey! I DIDN'T DO ANY FREAKIN' THING TO THAT SELFISH LITTLE BITCH!" I ran to my room to take a shower. After i finished I went to change in my Minnie Mouse grey shirt, skinny jeans and red toms. " I AM GOING TO THE PARK MOM" I lied. I went across the street to Louis house. I was in the mood to have a good laugh after that incident at soccer today. I knocked on the red doors. I heard mumrurming.  Then locks being unlocked. I saw a young lady before me. "Ummm. Who are you?" She smacked her gum at me. Wow that's attractive."Is Louis there?" I looked pass her. She grabbed my arm(quite forcefully) and led me up the stairs, to a door with a sign that read BEWARE . I chuckled to myself and went in without knocking. As i walked in with my head down, I saw Louis on the bed doing something NO GIRL should ever see... "LOUIS" I say looking down with my eyes squeezed shut. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Louis screamed like a girl. I ran out of his room and down the stairs.

"Ummmmm Mrs. Tomlinson i better go bye!!!" i say letting myself out the door.

"Bye sweetheart! see yah later!" She waved back. "THANK YOU LOUIS" i thought. I am now scared for life. DIDN'T HE HEAR THE DOORBELL? I motioned my hand around hitting my lip and eye. OUCH NICE MOVE. i think i bruised my lip and eye from the incident at soccer. I walk to my house and see a blond guy walking to the park right by our street with a soccer ball in his hand.

"NIALL!" i waved my hands at him. He beckons me. I nod and walk over to him. As i make it to him i stare at his ball." You can play soccer?" I ask. Niall stares at me deeply its making me self concious. "What?" I ask. He looks into my eye , lip and then to my eyes again. He raises his eyebrows. Oh that.

"What. Did. You do?" he asks slowly. "Oh hehe well you see this girl at soccer..."

" Ugh!!! Danni! No more FIGHTS AGAIN!'' Niall yells. he shouldn't yell I am NOT the person that caused it!. " Well i didn't cause it Ash.." i got cut off. "NO i don't care if Ashely caused it ! You are like my little sister and i have to protect you even if i just met you two days ago! okay? so NO MORE!" he face palmed. WOW I never had a person wanting to protect me like that except for my mother or father. I nodded and stared at my toms. Niall set the ball ground in front of my feet and walked about 2 yards back. I looked up and passed it back. We played for about 10 minutes playing laughing and screaming until a group of boys came. Harry waved at us. And so did the rest but Louis.

" Hey guys..."  we walk up to them. We all greet and go to the playground where there are 6 swings. 3 on one side and other 3 facing towards them. I sat in the middle with Harry on my right and Zayn on my left. across from Harry was Liam and across from Zayn was Niall and right in front of me was Louis. GREAT. I like Louis.. AS A FRIEND but.. In my mind when i am looking at him. all I see is him... Masturbating..

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