A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


26. Just wrong


"What do you mean you got feelings for her." Liam voice filled with hatred. 

"Well Just this moment we have been together we had so much connection. I mean, you and Zayn have girlfriends." Louis paused. "Anyways why are YOU mad. YOU have a girlfriend. YOU shouldn't be having feelings for HER.'' Louis wagged his finger to Liam. Liam sighed and left my room. I closed my eyes and pretended I was still asleep. What am I going to do. I wish this never happened and at the same time I did. This is so wrong just all of it so wrong. I never want to have this decision. I don't want boys ending their friendships for me. I just want to sleep forever into oblivion. 

*Louis POV*

           I copied Liam and sighed as he left the room. I turned towards Danni's pretty face. I sat beside her as she slept. 

"I never wanted you to go through this." I picked up her hand and kissed it. I just want to be with her forever and hold her and kiss her. But I can't. Well at least not yet right? A tear slipped through my eye. 

*Danni's POV*

 "Louis why are you crying" I said and Louis flinched not knowing I was awake. 

"How long have you been awake." He seemed panicked. 

"mmmm When you picked up my hand." I lied. Louis nodded and walked out of the room. Yepp this was all terribly wrong.

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