A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


10. Harry

*Danni's POV*

          -End of school-   RINGGGG!!! I heard the old school bell. I got up from my seat and and walk out the class door heading to the trail that Zayn said he would meet me at. Hmmm why isn't Zayn here? He should've came a long time ago. Well, it is getting late I might as well go home now. As I walk on the rocks and dirt, I hear a twig snap. I stood frozen not daring to look back. I kept walking and hear a rock skip. I kept thinking to myself that was just an animal. I kept walking and felt hands cover my mouth. '' AHhhh...'' I murmered. Since i had hands upon my lips! I smile to myself, ZAYN. I turn around and my smile vanished, then appeared again. 

'' Harry, What are you doing here?'' I questioned. He smiled and looked around.

''Ermm.... Well i was thinking i can walk with you home if that's okay..?'' He smirked.

"um. It's alright!" I told him ah wait! "WAIT what happened to Zayn? He was supposed to walk home with me too'' I told him while walking. 

''He went home and threw up'' Ew grody . Poor Zayn. I checked my ghetto phone and there bounced a yellow icon for one new message. 

From Zayn:) : Hey Danni i went home cuz i threw up and i didn't feel good:( So hope u walk home safely !!! 

I smiled to myself and text him back saying: i'm fine and i'm walking home with Harry.

"SOOOOO, Harry why were you glaring at Zayn when he told me a secret ?" I asked when suddenly came an awkward silence.

His smile dissapered and sighed. "Uhhh well haha um Secrets don't make friends" he defended

"Haha but friends make secrets'' I snapped back and smiled. Knowing he had nothing to say. He smiled knowing my trap

"Erm I was you know Kind of (cough) jermerherm'' he murmerd. He what? I cocked an eyebrow and crossed my arms.

''I was jeloherm" He mumbled. I cupped my ear with my hands signing he was too quiet.

"I WAS JELOUSE!!!" he yelled. He was jelouse? Why ? He didn't need to be.. I looked up at him and looked down keep walking. Uncontrollably I started singing

Am I asleep Am I Awake or somewhere in between

I can't believe you are here and lying next to me

Or did i dream that we were perfectly entwined

Like branches on a tree or twigs or twigs caught on a vine

I cover my mouth Because i was so HORRIBLE at singing!!!! I can't believed I did that. I blushed hard majorly like I was normally tinted red. Harry looked down at me and smiled. 

'' You have an amazing voice... I can never sing like that'' OH SHIT i forgot to ask harry if he could sing!!! I asked him quickly ,so quickly that he couldn't understand

" Okay" Calming my self down " Can you sing or any of the others?'' I asked this time really slowly. He blushed. And he blushed really slow. SO SLOW you can see how the pale creeps into a bright glowing red.

'' erm ya Everyone can.'' He stated. I smiled big YES they could ALL sing!!! We turned to were our street was. I hugged him goodbye and he went away. At the door he turned back at me and smiled then waved. I went to the house next to mine and rang the door bell. I waited a minute and heard a few foot steps and the door unlocking. A lady smiled at me.

''Hello Mrs. Malik! I am Zayn's friend! I was wondering is he okay?" I asked

" Oh yeah he is totally fine but i wouldn't want to go up there" She pointed to the stairs. 

"Okay tell him I checked up on him okay? Bye" I waved and went to my house to go to sleep. "HONEY !!!YOU HAVE SOCCER TOMORROW AT 7:OO OKAY?" ughhhhhh Tomorrow is saturday !!!!! I wanted to hang with the boys! but hey ! You never know.



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