A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.


19. Do you remember?

*Danni's POV*

           I smiled brightly at them and they waved at me and jade. I squeeled while I ran up to them and hugged them greatly.

"OH MY GOSH I MISSED YOU GUYS" I screamed while I was hugging them tightly. I stopped hugging them and they looked at me strangly. i.. i'm  confused... wouldn't they be happy? I laughed awkwardly and gestured to myself. i thought hey it's me Danni? C'mon remember!!! ugh I looked really desperate. All the sudden we heard a man . AND IT'SSSS ONE-DIRE-ECTIONNNNNNNNN. I heard the teenage girls scream louder than usual. They said in unision.

"Ummmm we got to perform so yeah uh" they waved after and ran onstage. They left me frozen. 

"Ummmm Danni are you okay hun?" Jade asked. I teared up and wiped my eyes to keep me from crying. I nodded signing I'm fine. I sat down while I was watching them in a hazy way. I can barely see them from the tears wanting to pour out. I was watching Zayn jumping up and down when he looked back at me and smiled. I smiled back and watched the floor. Do they even know who I am? 

*Zayn's POV* 

          When Paul said that we were going to meet fans that had back stage passes. I was so excited!!!! This is the first time that we had back stage passes. As we were going to see them on our way to greet the stage, we saw two girls. One with a shirt that had our faces on it. I chuckled at it. Then there as a girl with long beautiful hair and big familiar green eyes. Once we appereared she squeeled with excitement and jumped to her feet to hug us. 

"OH MY GOSH I MISSED YOU GUYS" She yelled. Oh so we knew her before? We all looked at her like she is crazy, she looked frustrated that we didn't recongnize her. We had to leave to go on stage and waved them goodbye. We all were singing Everything About You when i looked back at her. She looked... sad. Oh gosh I feel like we totally dissed her. She was watching us when I looked back at her. She looked at me and widedend her eyes. I smiled and she copied. I went back to jumping up and down. I walked to Liam who was shaking anxiously for his solo. I cupped his ear with my hand and whispered.

"Do you think that girl looks familiar????" He looked around in the crowd looking for someone.

"NOOOO" i whispered screamed. "The girl backstage who hugged us!" He looked clearer. And nodded.

"Who do you think she is?" I asked. He looked back at her. And his eyes widen. He covers his mouth with his hands and teared up a bit. What is he thinking? He cups his hand to my ear.

"Oh.My.God dude....That is Danni" He said slowly. My eyes widened too. I looked back at her and she was now crying just a few tears. She looks so beautiful now i know who she is. Her eyes don't get red while she cries. But where was she all along the pass 5 or 6 years? She was kidnapped. I thought this for the whole concert. When we waved bye to the crowd full of teenage girl we ran back. I was so eager to talk to her. Once we headed for the girls. Danni wasn't there. Liam and I looked at each other confused. 

"Where is Danni?" I asked. Harry, Niall, and Louis gasped.

"Danni?" They said in unision. Me and Liam both Nodded. The girl pointed to the ladies room. We waited for about 5 minutes before she came out. Once we heard the door opening we all rushed to hug her.  I was first to hug her.  I whispered by her ear.

"Danni I missed you." She let go of the hug, looked me in the eyes and hugged again but this time she was warm. What is Perrie going to say when she catches me, liking Danni? My feelings grew more than ever. I want her to be mine but I also want Perrie too. Oh what am I going to do...

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