A young girl in middle school finds out no body is talking about One direction or their songs and suprisingly her friends! However her school is expecting five new students.




*Danni's POV*

      oh hell no. I turn around slowly to see Liam and Zayn on the ground fighting with each other. Harry and Louis screaming in each others faces and Niall on the ground in a little ball. I run up to them. 

"Oh hell no!" I say WAITING for a response. If they can't hear me then i'll use my mothers voice. She cusses a lot just sayin' 

"HEYYYYYYY!" I yell . They all look up at me and Stopped what theyre' doing. I can tell they thought i was mad because for the split second they look at me they looked down.

"Why in the world fucks are you fighting huh?" I ask them. They shrugg. "Do you think I LIKE to see my friends fight?" They shake their heads. " IF I EVER SEE YOU FIGHT AGAIN..." I think for a bit and say the most childish thing. " I will TELL YOUR MOTHERS" I shake my finger at them. Oh now Niall looks up worried. Then he looks down again and they all nod. I breath deeply seeing each of them walk to their houses except for liam. I hear sniffling behind me. I walk over to him and sit down.

“Liam? What’s wrong” I put my hands on his shoulders but her pushes away. Hmmm? I grab his face to see him busted up good. I shake my head slowly.

“I am sorry Danni (sniffle) I was fighting with Zayn” He sniffled some more. Hmm Zayn is a good fighter then. I get up, handing a hand to help him up and walk over to my house.

“What are you doing?” He ask as I walk him up my stairs. I ignore him as I sit him on my bed to get the First aid kit in my moms bathroom. I went back inside my room with a big white bag with a cross on it.  I set it down on my bed and open it. I get out the alchohol and hear Liam scooting away from me. I put some in a cotton ball and sit next to him. Liam gets off the bed and walks backwards slowly.

“Liam it’s not that bad! Its only stings a little” I exclaim and he relaxes. I walk over to him and put it on his eyebrow first. He closes his eyes tight and then calms down and opens them. Watching my every move I put another one and put It on his other eyebrow. He put my hand down. What is he doing? He walks closer to me as I walk back from him. When he is as close to grabbing me I trip on a pink stool with me falling on him. Which Is weird because I would be the one on top of him because I was walking backward? Whutever.. I fall on top of him and he takes it as a chance to kiss me. I playfully roll off of him kissing the air and run to the park laughing.

*Liam’s POV*

         That was embarresing. I get off the floor and chase her down the stairs into the park and hear her laughing in the playground. I walk towards the slide and look inside it. Nope I look under the slide Nope. I go into the stairs and into a red tunnel thingy. AHA. I found her. She screams as she run from the tube into the flat grass area. I run after her, lifting her up and spinning her. I put her down and Danni falls to the ground of how dizzy she was.

“Hey I am going to the bathroom!” She nods. I went in there and unzip my zipper when I heard a scream outside…

*Danni’s POV*

I see him walk into the boys bathroom and hold my head up. Oh how the boy can spin you when I hear a hot breath on my neck. It either had to be Harry or Zayn. I turn around and my smile disappeared. It seemed to be a dark figure. All I heard was a dark creepy laugh. I screamed.

“LIAM LOUIS NIALL HARRY ZAYN!!!! HELLLLPPP” I kicked and punched but nothing seemed to work. Until I squrimmed to much and he drops me. I crawl away from him as quickly as I can when I felt a hairy hand on my ankles. I scream again when I saw Liam running my way.

“LIAAAAA….” I murmer the last part because the man picked me up grabbing my waist and my mouth. He shoved me in his car when I felt extremely tire……….I blacked out.

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