Isn't it strange how the hottest place in you're country is now caught in a snowstorm?
Just as a band you loved once is in town.
Is this Fate?


1. The beginning


“Here’s to six months single!”

Me and my best friend Becky clink our glasses and drink the rest of the cheap wine. Today is the six month anniversary of being single, for me that is. Becky is newly engaged with her other half, Carrion. I on the other hand – happily single, and celebrating it inside with a terrible snow storm going on outside, which is strange seen as though I live in Napier, New Zealand. (One of the hottest places here!) Napier is known for its palm trees and sun, now a snow storm.

“Anyway love, I better get going. You know, before it gets any worse out there” Becky tells me.

I know she only wants to go because she misses Garrion. But she’s right, the snow is meant to get thicker and heavier in the next half hour.

“Alright then” I get up off the couch and walk her to the door. “I will see you later. Call me when you get home so I know your there safely!” I have to remind her every time, even though one hundred percent of the time she forgets.

“Tily when do I ever forget?” She laughs “I promise I will call you” She said that last time too.

“Yeah, sure you will” I hug her and give her a kiss as she left.

I look back at my living room and come to the conclusion that I should clean it now, not in the morning. I can hear snow gathering outside, I can see it through the sliding door by the pool, thank god the pool is indoor!

I miss having a boyfriend on days like this, someone to cuddle up to. But ever since mine and Jake’s break up I don’t want to be near one guy! I decide to watch T.V after cleaning until I get sleepy, should take a while seen as though its only 7pm. I turn the television on and watch the local news to see how everybody else is going, hoping I was better off than other people.

“Big pop band One Direction stuck in Napier may have to spend night in tour bus….” Peter, the news man talks. I used to be a huge Directioner, but I sort of grew away from it. It would be strange for a 19-year-old to be fan girling over a boy band every time they hear the word ‘direction’ in class. I love their music my favorite song is Over Again, it’s just so beautiful. It is now 7:30pm my tummy is growling at me, telling me it’s hungry. I decide to be nice and feed my tummy, I reach in to the freezer and pull out the first thing my hand touches, pizza. Whole! It’s a huge one; I suppose that’s a good thing. I can always eat pizza for breakfast too. I stand there and wait by the oven waiting for my pizza to be ready I turn the timer on. 40 minutes, 30 minutes, 10 minutes

“Oh shit!” I hear a man’s voice across the road. “Boys were stuck”

I look across the road to see what’s going on, a man is walking to my door. He knocks loudly, must be in a hurry, I open the door and can’t get a word out.

“Hello mam’, Im Paul One Direction’s security, im gonna be quick here,” he seemed so worried, it was snowing outside but he has a bead of sweat on his forehead. I remember on the news ‘One Direction stuck in Napier….’ Sure enough I look past Paul and see a black bus with snow hugging it.

“Our tour bus has gotten stuck and we need a place for a couple nights. Do you have a spare bed or two?”

I do have spare rooms, three to be exact. But do I really want One Direction in my house? Think of the paparazzi! I hesitate but agree.

“Yeah sure, bring ‘em in.” I have a welcoming smile

“Thank you so much. I will explain more when we get inside” He hurries off; you can tell he’s happy.

I suppose it’s just a night or two. My pizza is ready; I get it out of the oven and put it on the counter. I walk over to my open door and see two stunning girls; one of them looks like a model. They must be stylists or something.

“Hello thank you so much for letting us be in your home!” They come in and give me a hug.

“It’s fine, honestly. Help yourself” I point to the pizza.

I can see two more people coming with suitcases, carrying as much as they can. I help them in, just putting their belongings beside the door. They both thank me giving me a hug and a kiss. I tell them to help themselves to pizza, they do so. I can see Paul and 3 more coming. I hope there’s no more, they too are carrying as much as they can. I do the same as I did with the others, help them in and tell them to help themselves.


Were all eating pizza in the living room.

“I don’t think we have properly met” I hear one of the girls say, the model looking one. “Im Eleanor” she stands and comes over and shakes my hand. “Nice to meet you, and thank you so much for letting us all in your beautiful home.” She has a lovely smile.

“It’s my pleasure” I return the smile.

I stand up and go round the group. I know who the boys are; I mean I used to call myself a ‘Directioner’. Turns out the model girl, Eleanor is Louis’ girlfriend of 5 years. And Perrie is Zayn’s girlfriend of 4 years.

Its is  9:00pm, we sorted out bedding plans; Louis and Eleanor are going to share a room with a double bed, Zayn and Perrie are getting the same treatment, I thought it was only fare because they are a couple. Liam and Niall are sleeping in the 3rd spare room, with single beds, and Paul is in the last spare room all to himself. That only leaves Harry, Harry said he doesn’t mind sharing a bed with me, he was just grateful he didn’t have to spend the next few nights in the tour bus. There is the couch, Harry could sleep on that; but I slept on it once and got a stiff back. I couldn’t possibly do that to a international pop-star!

Everyone has gone to bed except for Harry and I. Harry is taking a shower and im watching TV. Harry comes out and sits on the couch next to me in nothing but underwear (I have heard that he likes to walk around with hardly any clothes on, but really! In front of a stranger?) I can’t help but look at his package, it’s huge!

“I don’t think we have properly met” Harry starts the convocation.

I look in his beautiful, green eyes. They’re so hypnotizing!

“You’re right. So uhh, im Tily” I say shyly

“Harry” he smiles. “So um why do you have so many spare rooms? If you don’t mind me asking”

“Long story”

“I’ve got time.” His smile, it makes me want to scream it’s got something about it.

“Well I will shorten it down for you. I was brought up here, Mum and Dad gave it to me when they moved. Done.” We laugh.

“Wow that was a short story!”

“Haha, I did say I’d shorten it”

So uhh, when’s your boyfriend due home?” His smile turned in to a straight face.

“Soon.” I laugh

“Oh?” Harry looks slightly awkward.

“I was kidding. For him to come home I would actually need a boyfriend!”

“So single life?” It’s almost like he wants me to say I am.

“Sadly. Well not sadly. I don’t mind...” I pause. “To answer your question, yes I am single.”

“Snap! Me to.” We high five each other.

“You always dress like this?” referring to his outfit.

“Oh sorry I just was hot. Do you want me to get changed?” No! why would I want you to put your clothes on? Are you crazy?

“No your fine” I act calm. “You’re right it is pretty warm in here”

“You should try it? I mean im not telling you to take your clothes off…” Before I let him finish I was taking my top and pants off.

“You know what. You’re right, I feel so much cooler”

I could tell Harry was staring at my pair. I’ve always had pretty large breasts. Its hereditary I guess.

“Im always right.” He smiles at me. I yawn, it 10:00pm and I was up a 7:00am.

“Tired?” Harry asks.

“Just a tad. You wanna go to bed?”

“Yeah, I’d like that” We make our way up to our room.

“You got a good view” Harry points out.

“Yeah, I take it for granted. Not everyone has a beautiful lake in their backyard.”

“It’s beautiful” He turns around and looks at me as im getting in to bed. “You’re very beautiful Tily.” He admits.

“Oh stop Harry, you’re making me blush!” I joke. “Now get in to bed” Harry climbs in to bed and I turn off the lights.


I wake up late. I turn over and Harry’s not there, its 10:00am. I put my dressing-gown on and go down stairs.

“Good morning!” Everyone yells. Wow they’re all early birds!

“We made you breakfast” Zayn tells me as he gives me a hug. Perrie brings me over a plate of food and Louis points me in the direction of a chair.

“Whoa, thanks guys it look amazing!” I tell them.

“Harry made it.” Liam winks at me.

“Harry I didn’t know you could cook!”

“You don’t know a lot of things that I can do.” Harry says as he sits next to me.

“Well Mr. Styles you will have to tell me more.”

“You’re so attractive with your mouth full” Harry says sarcastically.

I just smile. After breakfast I sit there next to Harry.

“Well I might go get dressed, thanks again guys!” I get up and go upstairs.

“Her body is amazing! She’s so perfect” I hear Eleanor’s sweet voice.

“I know she’s stunning!” I hear Perrie say.

I stop half way up the stair.

“Girls come up here with me; I want to show you something.” I invite them up

“Oh yay!” They both say running up the stairs with me. I take them to my wardrobe.

“Whoa, it’s amazing” Perrie says

“Agreed” says Eleanor as she examines my wardrobe.

“Help yourselves to anything.” I tell them.

“Really?” Asks Eleanor.

“Really.” I say with a smile.

I grab a dress and go to my room, leaving them to it.


I walk downstairs and sit on Harry’s lap.

“So you two..Gotten it on yet?” Zayn asks.

My jaw almost hits the ground. I look over to Harry hoping he’s doing the same thing, but instead he’s sitting there with a huge grin on his face. Are you kidding me?

“No!” I yell. “What makes you think that?”

“Well Harry’s never been so cuddly, and he made you breakfast.” Zayn explains

“So we all thought you slept together.” Niall adds.

“I see how you got that.” I smile.

“Would you sleep with me though?” Harry asks.

“I did… Last night” I laugh.

“Not like that, I mean like…You know” Oh shit!

I can’t believe he asked me that, what do I say? I mean I don’t think I would. But I don’t want to hurt his feelings, he’s a nice guy- I sit there nervously looking around for someone to change the subject. Paul walks in, I stand up.

“Good morning sleeping beauty!”

“Morning.” Paul says and gives me a hug. “I don’t usually sleep in but that bed is heavenly”

“I’m glad you liked it”

Oh my god, that was a good save. I look back at Harry and he’s just smiling at me. I give him a wink.


After dinner Paul went and hopped in the spa, Eleanor and Perrie joined him. Me and the boys are toasting marshmallows around the fire place.

“So Zayn,” I look over at Paul and the girls “you got a fair bit of competition.” We all laugh.

My marshmallow feel in the fire and burnt, I left it there. Harry fed me the one on his stick.

“Aw how romantic” Liam points out.

“That’s me, a romantic” Harry laughs. I smile at him and snuggle in close to him.

“I think I might go to bed now, Pauls going as well, Night everyone” Perrie says walking past us.

“I should go with her. Night” Zayn says getting up.

Liam and Niall followed the rest of them to bed, it is getting late.

It’s just Louis, Eleanor, Harry and I still up. Harry and I are hugging on the couch, for warmth. And Louis and Eleanor are cuddling on the other. I fall asleep.

I wake up in the morning in my own bed next to Harry, I roll over and cuddle in to him. The snow has gotten worse (im kind of glad)

“Morning beautiful” He opens his eyes

“Hey Harry.” I reply

“I bought you up here last night, you feel asleep on me. I hope you don’t mind I got you dressed.”

I must have been in a really deep sleep. I cuddle in closer.

“I didn’t know you sleep talked” Oh shit, what did I say to him!

“Oh no, what did I say?”

“Oh nothing much” he smiles.

“What did I say?”

“Little bit of this, little bit of that.” He smirks at me.

“Harry Styles tell me what I said!” I pin him down.
“Okay, okay. You said..That you would sleep with me” Oh god! I can’t believe I said that!

I don’t know what to say, I just smile.
“It all comes out now huh?” God he’s cheeky!




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