Isn't it strange how the hottest place in you're country is now caught in a snowstorm?
Just as a band you loved once is in town.
Is this Fate?


2. Caught in the act


The boys have only been here 3 days and already I feel like I’ve known them for years, the same goes for the girls too were like sisters.

Today is the day Paul gets the phone call to say whether they can move on or not, something inside makes me not want them to go. They’re all like family apart from Harry, it’s been the best 72 hours with him I defiantly have feelings for him, and I think im starting to show it. Opps.

“Catch!” Louis yells whilst throwing a ball at me.

“Shit Louis! You’re meant to say ‘catch’ before you throw it. Not while you’re throwing it.”

“Aw you alright?” Niall says giving me a hug.

“Baby” Harry says while walking past. I throw the ball at him.

Paul comes in to the living room.

“Everyone sit down please.” We all sit “I just got the phone call,” We all know what phone call he’s talking about. I look around; everyone’s smiles have turned in to straight faces. No one wants to leave you can tell. I hear Harry sigh he comes over and hugs me, I feel so comfortable in his arms. “And um Tily, if it’s okay...” The boys cut Paul off before he could finish his sentence cheering. “Would we be able to stay a little longer? The tour bus has frozen and the snow is too heavy to get through.” Paul finally gets to finish. Everyone stops and looks at me, waiting for an answer. I look at Paul and I didn’t know that one word could change everything.

“Of course” I reply.

Everyone hugs everyone, even Paul which was a surprise! Harry comes over to me and holds my waist .

“Thank you” He gives me a kiss on the cheek.


Harry and I cheek what’s happening on Twitter, the fans have no idea where the boys are. They know that they are in Napier, but that’s all. I feel lucky to know where they are. Im the only one that’s not them, or immediate family who know where they are!


They have been here a total of 9 days now. Eleanor, Perrie and I are really close friends. The boys and I are close to. Paul is cool. But Harry and I are really close. I know I have feelings for him! I know it’s only been 9 days but we spend 14 hours a day together. I can now tell he has a bit of a crush n me to, hes constantly cuddling me, kisses on the cheek, wrestling, its cute.  I think the rest of the crew think something’s going on. Harry comes and sits next to me on the couch, its 11:00 pm.

“Harry do you own any pajama pants? You’re always just wearing underwear.”

“Yeah just not here. I’m a really bad packer.”

“Come with me.” I stand up and reach out my hand, he takes it. I take him to my wardrobe.

“Put these on.” I throw him a pair of pajama pants.

“You have got to be kidding?”

“No, im serious”

“Their pink, and have love hearts on them.” I laugh

“Their cute”

“I’ll tell you what…” I can tell this isn’t going to be good “I will wear them if you give me a kiss” He looks at me with a grin.

I smile and bite my lower lip. I just want to jump on him and kiss him, I can’t believe he wants to kiss me!

“So is it a deal?” he stares.

“It’s a deal.” I nod. He bites his lip to and puts the pants on.

It is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I look at this masculine guy wearing pink pajama pants with hearts on them.
“Oh gosh Harry, you look…” I was short for words.

“Hot?” He asks.

“So hot!” I laugh. He joins me then he grabs hold of my waist.

“My part of the deal.” I smile. He licks his lips, comes in slowly pushing his lips to mine, then his tongue enters. We kiss for about 3 minutes, it was the best kiss I had ever had. I pull out of the kiss and stare in to his beautiful eyes.

“That was-“Harry cut me off before I could finish my sentence.

“Shhhh” He whispers and kisses me again.

“Come on I can’t wait to hear what the others think about you’re pretty pants!” He grabs my hand as I take him downstairs.
“Harry is there something you’re keeping from us?”  Perrie shouts when she sees him.

“Whoa Tily, I didn’t know you had a twin sister!” Louis says referring to Harry, Louis comes over to me and Harry and hold out his hand. “Hello, im Louis. You must be Harriet?” he jokes. Harry laughs.

“You look good in ‘em Harry!” Eleanor says. Harry blushes.

“They’d look better on the floor.” I murmur, but everyone heard what I had said. They all laugh.

“Is that right?” Harry says coming over and holding my waist, I love it when he does that!

“What’s going on here aye?” Zayn asks.

“Me and Tily kissed” Harry blurts out, everyone looks at us. I pull away from Harry.

“It was the deal that he wears the pants.” I explain.

Everyone starts clapping and cheering.

“When you two have baby’s can you name one after me?” Paul comes over.

“Whoa, were not dating” Harry and I exclaim at the same time. Everyone just stays still.

“So…” Liam says

“Me and Tily are just flirting, were not together. If we do get together we will let you all know” Harry says and picks me up. “Now if you don’t mind im taking my flirting buddy to bed” Harry walks off with me in his arms.

“Harry I’ve never seen that side of you.” I confess. Harry smiles

“You wanna make out?” Harry asks.

“You’re gonna have to earn it” I wink.

“I don’t like these games very much.”

“Were going to have a pillow fight. If I win we go to sleep, if you win we can make out. Deal?”

“Deal” Harry shakes my hand.

“It’s on!” I yell and hit him with a pillow.

I was expecting Harry to go soft on me because im a girl but he didn’t, he must really want to make out.

After a few hits to Harry’s head I knew I was going to win, but them he hit me over and pinned me down.

“You may as well give up now” Harry tells me.

“Oh really?” I try to get out from underneath him he’s just sitting on me

“Yes really” He smirks at me.

Harry’s phone starts to ring, we both look at it. Is he going to get off and take the call?

“You better get that” I remind him that his phone is ringing.

“You’re right, but im not going to answer it.”

“Why? It could be important?”

“Honestly, nothing could be more important than kissing you right now” Harry smiles at me.

I get butterflies and just smile like a pathetic little girl. He makes me feel special.

The phone stops ringing.

“We could be here all night” I remind Harry who is still sitting on me.

“Better get comfy then” Harry winks.

“Urrrg  I surrender then!” I let my guard down.

“You sure?”

“Yes, now hurry up and kiss me!”

Just as I finished telling Harry to kiss me his lips were immediately on mine, tongues intertwining, butterflies all around my stomach, Oh my. I pull out of the make out session after a while.

“Anybody told you that you’re an amazayn kisser?”

“Did you just say ‘amazayn’?” Harry laughs.


Harry’s phone starts to ring, again.

“I think I should get that. We are not done here” Harry gets up and answers his phone.


There is a bit of murmuring before Harry turns to me pale faced, then he looks at my laptop. Harry runs over to it and slams the top down.

“Thank you for letting me know, yeah I will. Love you”

Harry hangs up and looks at me.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“You know how I was going to do a twit cam today?”

“Oh no!”


We were being filmed on line, live!

“This isn’t going to be good.”

“Not at all.”

“Guys you’re on E news!” Louis says running in my room with Paul.

I turn on my T.V and go to channel 11 and their we are, Harry and I making out on my bed for the whole world to see.

Nothing was said for a while. We were just standing looking at the T.V.

“You’re gonna have to sort this one out, It’s not just gonna go away” Paul says.

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