Being with him


2. Mysterious

 He was so interesting I wanted to know him even better and this time not what his lips tasted like. Something about him seemed like he wanted to tell me something but didnt have the gutts to tell me. He seems almost to mysterious about something. This baffilled me all week long.

"What did you do when you were with Harry when we played seven minutes in heaven?" Melissa asked me when I went to her house later that week. Someone who finally asked me. I washed of the question smiling when she asked me. About 3 minutes of dead silence there was a knock on the door. Melissa walked from the livingroom to open the door. It was Niall and Harry.

"Hello lads what you been doing?" Niall asked looking and smelling Melissa's house when he smelt the baking pizza in the oven.

" We were just chilling out going to eat pizza want to join us?" Melissa asked the boys so it would just be the second time Niall and Harry were together in her home.

"Oh would I "Niall said budging through the door. Harry looked at me with the same mysterious look he did when we first saw eachother. I wanted to ask him if he had anything on his mind. When Melissa looks at me with the look " dont ask him". So i kept it hidden from my expression and had a conversation with Melissa to the side.

" Are we dating ?" I asked Melissa hoping she would say yes.

" By the looks of it he wants you to" Melissa replied while I turned around to see Harry in the kitchen looking at me and biting his lip a little trying not to let me see he turns around when I saw him already.

" Well i hope so" I said walking to Harry.

" FOOD IS READY!" Niall exclamed. We all sat down at the table while Niall brought the pizza, he was practacly drulling over it. Harry sat next to me on the two seated booth making it so Melissa could sit next to Niall, me and Harry knew their secrets. Harry desided to feed me my pizza wich was messy and awkward. I gave Melissa the "Omg wtf face." she understood and started laughing to get him to stop. Harry didnt stop intil Niall gave him the " dude thats not attractive she, wont like you if you do that." face.

"um, lets not tell anyone about that" Harry said very embarresed.

"Good idea" Melissa and Niall said and looked at eachother then Niall looked Harry with the " does she like me?"face. Melissa mouthed the same thing to me and me and Harry looked at eachother and started to crack up and both screamed..

" YES YOU BOTH LIKE EACHOTHER AND HAVE BEEN FOR  3 YEARS!! " Me and Harry started laughing the hole time. They Harry knew eachother for only a week and we knew they liked eachother because they told us. They made out seconds later and they did it brutal. Harry and I exchanged phone numbers to talk when we wanted. Then he asked me out seconds later when Melissa and Niall were still making out. The boys left when Niall started going to far because they werent ready for that. When they left Melissa and Niall kissed eachother goodbye and me and Harry huged goodbye we really liked eachother and he asked me..."you wanna go to the movie tomarrow?" I was so nervous I was speechless. Melissa had to say yes for me.










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