Being with him


1. Meeting Him

My friends were with me dancing and Nat was going over to get a drink. Selina and I were dancing while Molly was coming in the door with Anija. They had there phones out and they were texting there boyfriends when Selina was bringing over her friend that were boys. I never had a real boyfriend and my friends always trying to hook me up with some guy that isnt attractive at all. My skinny jeans were very dark in the light. I was walking out the door when I see a VERY attractive boy bump into me. He had curly brown hair with green eyes. His dimples were very fasinating. The girls house I was at was Melissa and I hung out with her alot. I never herd of her knowing such cute people and she is the only friend that never hooked me up on blind dates or made a guy come over to talk to me that I know of anyway. This guy was very mysterious, diffrent, captivating. I was heading out when Melissa pulls me to the side and asks me were I am going. I told her I was getting bored and am going home.

" It's not going to be when I tell you my neighbors band mate likes you." I was hoping it was the captivating boy but I strongly doughted that a boy like him would like a girl like me shortish, dirty blonde, and brown eyes.

"What's his name and what does he look like?" I asked Melissa hoping she would say the mysterious boy.

"Umm.. Harry and brown curly hair and green eyes with the cutest dimples."Melissa replied looking around the room for Harry. I was happy because thats the boy I like.

"Oh here he is Harry I would like you to meet Katy, Katy meet Harry."

"Hi "I said really shyly.

"Sup" Harry said in a shy raspy voice.

"So how old are you?"I asked Harry not so shy.

"19 " Harry said looking down at his feet he looked like he didnt want anything to do with me.

"Oh nice i'm 18" I replied about to leave to my friends.

" I would figure you leave cause i'm boring." Harry said kicking the floor.

"Oh no not at all you seem interesting and i want to learn more about you maybe it would work best somewere else not a party."I replied.

"Yeah that's true maybe after the party if you want we can hang out and get to no eachother"Harry suggested.

" Yeah i would like that alot " I replied excited to get to know him. I turn around to hear Melissa calling me over. I wave see ya to Harry and walk over to Melissa. The party starting to die down. She asked me if we were hitting it off. I replied " sort of but we are going to after the party he seems shy is he normally shy ?" I asked Melissa.

"NO NOT AT ALL" Melissa was very shocked that I made him shy.

" That a good thing that i made him shy?" I wondered.

" I don't know" She replied. By the time 2 songs finished the party was dead. Only Me, Harry, Melissa,Niall,Nat, and Zayn were left.We played spin the bottle and i started first. It landed on Niall. Then it was Harry it landed on me. When it landed on me I was so embarresed. He leaned in and gave me an amazing kiss his tongue added as we continued to kiss. Then Zayn interupted our make-out sestion.

"Okay your turn Melissa" Melissa spinned and it landed on Zayn. They pecked and moved on to Niall. Melissa and Niall have HUMUNGUS crushes on eachother. Niall spun the bottle and it landed on Melissa. There kiss was like me and Harry's. Nat interuped by a cough and continued the game and spun. It landed on Niall. There kiss was desent not like Melissa and Niall's. Zayn spun the bottle and it landed on me. Our kiss was somewhat nice but i wasnt thinking of Zayn i kept thinking of Harry. After everyone had a turn and then Harry and Niall both said at the same time was

"SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!!"I ended up with Harry and we went first. We started talking about the kiss then it murged into more kissing and laying down kissing. Niall screams while we were having another make out sestion "SEVEN MINUTES ARE UP COMING IN...1...2...3...BOO!!" He said it expecting to see clothes not on us or something.Then Nat got Zayn and me and Harry looked at eachother like we couldnt take our eyes off eachothers eyes almost as if we were purpisly did that but something about him made me Awkward around him.





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