Than And Now

3 girls texting one boy than one of us gets a text to go to a 1d consert together. and getting to meet the completly hot one direction


2. The Big Day

The day finally came. We all got dressed Tianna dressed in bright shining blue skiny jeans and a One Direction shirt .  Kionna dressed in a skirt and a one direction shirt. I dressed in bright magnificent pink skinny jeans. Kionnas Mom drove us to the one direction concert on valentines. Just driving to the Rogers arena was heart pounding. We finally got there and saw a big white limousine pull up in the back Kionna yelled "That might be One Direction"   We stayed to see who got out it was Paul. I yelled "Oh my GOD its One Direction" We got out of Kionnas car and we all shouted "ONE DIRECTION"  They all look and yelled HELLO! in the best British accent. "do you guys want to come on in with us" Niall told Zayn to say.  "SURE" mumbled from Kionnas mouth. We walk towards them and Tianna and I are freaking out Kionna is looking more exited that iv ever seen. Liam says to us " would you like to come hang out with us after. Tianna,Kionna,and I Looked at eachother exchanging looks and we say "sure"  On stage there was about almost four thousand eyes looking at us. The crowed yelled "who are they, GET OFF THE STAGE" We were so hurt Kionna started to cry and Louis huged Kionna and said "you'll be fine" On stage Harry asked us what are our names Tianna says "this is Kionna"  Kionna says "this is Riley" And I say " Hello Niall,Harry,Zayn,Louis,Liam and this is Tianna" Zayn says "how old are you?"   Kionna says "I'm 19"          I say "I am 20" Tianna says "I'm 20 it is my Birthday tomorrow"     ..................................................  OK LETS START THE CONCERT!! first song we are going to sing is Live While Were Young.  




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