Than And Now

3 girls texting one boy than one of us gets a text to go to a 1d consert together. and getting to meet the completly hot one direction


1. introduction

One day there was three girls that are totally in love with the one and only band named One Direction. These three girls named Tianna, Kionna, and Me of course were texting a boy named Mathew.  We were talking about a contest. Trying to go to a One Direction concert. Tianna got a E-mail from the One Direction contest. The E-mail said you and two other friends get to go to a awesome One Direction contest. We three jumped up in the air and screamed WE GET TO GO TO A ONE DIRECTION consert. we were so excited. we never thought we would win but we did. this was the best day of our lives. TILL IT CAME!! the day of the concert. 







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