Than And Now

3 girls texting one boy than one of us gets a text to go to a 1d consert together. and getting to meet the completly hot one direction


3. Birthday Girl

We stayed in a hotel 'best western' Kionna wakes up at 8:00am because of a knock on the door.  Kionna gets up answers the door but know one was there than all of a sudden BOO! One Direction pops up in her face. she shirks and that loud scream woke me up. I got up to see what was wrong with Kionna. than all the five hot boys are standing infront of me and Kionna. I say "whats going on?"      Louis says its Tiannas  Birthday right??????    Yes? Lets wake her up and start to sing happy birthday. Ok! I say "Tiannas going to hate them there when she just wakes up.  We bring them over to her and Niall kisses her on the cheak. Louis starts to sing than the other 4 join in. Tianna yells to me and Kionna Shut up you guys. Than opens her eyes to see Niall going to kiss her again. she turns her head and they hit lips. OMG Tianna says. Niall says for your birthday im going to ask if you would like to go on a date some time. Tianna says Sure. Kionna and I Talk to Louis and Harry " hey do you want that to be us as well" Harry leans in and kisses me on the lips. Louis kisses Kionna on the hand and said on one knee "Will you be my girlfriend"  Kionna screams with way to much expression Yes of course. One Direction takes us to a private air port. We get to know them & have lunch with them.  

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