kidnapped (messing with the wrong girl).

Getting along with your kidnappers...
Maybe not the right thing to do
But when your kidnappers are the most popular band in the world..
What choice to you have?

Angel a very strong girl with lots of past emotions, gets something she never wishes be kidnapped, even worse when it is the band she doesn't even want to know....Will she survive a this moment without being arrogant and impulsive....


13. OMG.. what just happened?!


"Niall get in the car" I said angrily, "okay geez" Niall said getting into the car, it's being long since we left the house, I wonder what Zayn and Angel are up's not that I don't trust Zayn but he may be stupid sometimes.. Finally we got home, "Give me back my chips" Niall said, "Come get it" Louis said, OMG seriously can they ever behave, we walked in together, the place seemed quiet, I yelled Zayn name with harry helping, we ran upstairs to check Angel's room, I opened the door, and Harry gasped, they were on the bed Zayn shirtless cuddling with Angel, "OMG did he actually rape her" Harry said, I ran up to bed dragging up Zayn and punching him the face, "AHH WTF..why did you do that" Zayn said trying to regain his balance, "WHY DID YOU RAPE HER" I said shouting, making the rest of the boys to hear and barge in, and also making angel to wake up. "who raped who?" Louis said, "what...I didn't rape her." Zayn said, "you bloody liar" I said punching him in face once more, "what the going- OMG Zayn are you okay what happened" Angel said, "owww" Zayn said, "im sorry he raped you.. are you okay" I said, "w-what, he didn't rape me!" angel said screaming at my face. "I-I thought he-" I said with angel cutting me off, "you bloody think im that weak. GET OUT ALL OF YOU" she said screaming even more, "I-im sorry" I said, "GET OUT" she screamed louder, we all went out except Zayn that was still lying on the floor in pain.....

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