kidnapped (messing with the wrong girl).

Getting along with your kidnappers...
Maybe not the right thing to do
But when your kidnappers are the most popular band in the world..
What choice to you have?

Angel a very strong girl with lots of past emotions, gets something she never wishes be kidnapped, even worse when it is the band she doesn't even want to know....Will she survive a this moment without being arrogant and impulsive....


22. FAST.


I and Niall talked for like an hour, which seemed like days. we've been quiet since about 2 min, until i decided to speak.

'Why Did You Guys Kidnap me?"

He looked up to me and looked back at the floor.

'honestly i have no idea, we thought we just needed someone around, apart from fans." he replied.

"oh.When will i be able to go?" I asked Nervously.

"We actually arent planning on that..yet." He said still looking at his feet.

Why cant they just leave me alone. they should have picked someone else. I just wanted to go back home and party with my best friend, have fun and enjoy life. no one wants to be kept captive by 5 boys, you barely know. I thought and didnt even realise when i stared to tear up.

"Babe please, dont cry." Niall said in a soothing voice.

I tried to think of something to say but nothing came out, so i just broke down before the Irish Dude, that was what i did i cried. 

'im sorry, we didnt mean to hurt you this way" He said puling me into a hug. i cried unto his shirt for what seemed like hours, while he was whispering into my ear..

Then we heard a knock on the door. "Everything okay, there" The voice said, also known as Louis.

"Yeah, Someone just a little depressed." Niall replied, standing up from the bed and walking towards the door.

"you need sleep, okay?" Niall Cautioned before turning the knob and walking outside.

"okay" i confirmed and nodded.

I heard footsteps go down the stairs, and voices talking.. Thats when i decided to pull off from my pretending and start my plan to escape from this hell hole.. yes im escaping. fast.

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