kidnapped (messing with the wrong girl).

Getting along with your kidnappers...
Maybe not the right thing to do
But when your kidnappers are the most popular band in the world..
What choice to you have?

Angel a very strong girl with lots of past emotions, gets something she never wishes be kidnapped, even worse when it is the band she doesn't even want to know....Will she survive a this moment without being arrogant and impulsive....


16. Everything has changed

Emily Pov

It has been two weeks and we haven't found Angel. Her step mom has given up, she said that she doesn't care about her, so there is no reason for searching anymore. WHAT A BITCH! I haven't given up on her, I know she still alive, she is strong and a good fighter. I walked down the street, listening to best song ever by ONE DIRECTION, I just love them I don't know why, my favorite is Nialler, he is just so cute, and Irish. I stopped at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to arrive in about 5min.. I entered the bus going home, it was about 5:39pm, the bus stopped about some distance from my house, I walked to my house hapilly singing "WINGS" by Macklemore, I opened the door, and walked in closing the door behind me. "MUM, im home!" I yelled from the living room, I heard footsteps coming down stirs, "Honey, you wont believe, what I got." she yelled, walking towards me, "OMG, what did you get, tell me?" I pleaded, "One direction VIP Back stage passes for tomorrow!" she yelled in my face, "AHHHHHHHH, r u serious?" I screamed jumping up and down. she brought out 1 VIP BACKSTAGE passes, I jumped and hugged her screming "OMGGGG, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MUM. THANK YOU AHHHHHHH", I hugged her again and ran into my room, jumping on my bed, screaming my head off, I opened my laptop and logged onto twitter, and tweeted 'OMG GUYS, you wont believe what I got from my mom, ONE DIRECTION VIP BACKSTAGE PASSES FOR TOMMORROW!!!! CANT WAIT @Niallofficial" In about 2 min I got a reply from Nialler 'AHHHHH' I screamed on top of my lungs, trying to contain excitement, I checked the message it read:

From Niall; Excited too. Cant wait to see you babe x

To Niall; OMG xxxxxx Cant wait too see you tooo xx

From Niall: Aha x whats your name? x :)

To Niall: Emily xx ;)

From Niall: Nice name Em ;) My name is Niall :) xx HAHA

To Niall: Nice name Nialler :) xx LOL

From Niall: haha xx I gtg cya tomorrow x

To Niall: Okay BYE :) xxxx

I shut down my laptop...and just lay on my bed thinking about everything...



I told Niall and Louis, I was off to meet Dani. I Walked out of the door, texting Dani

To Dani : Be at yours in 5'

From Dani : Okay, cant wait x, where are we going?

To Dani : its a SUPRISE! cya SOON! XX

From Dani: :)

I got into the car.. and drove to Dani.xx


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