kidnapped (messing with the wrong girl).

Getting along with your kidnappers...
Maybe not the right thing to do
But when your kidnappers are the most popular band in the world..
What choice to you have?

Angel a very strong girl with lots of past emotions, gets something she never wishes be kidnapped, even worse when it is the band she doesn't even want to know....Will she survive a this moment without being arrogant and impulsive....


4. chapter 4

*Angel Pov*

I woke up in a place on a whit bed, i figured out that i was in the hospital,and escaped from those kidnappers, i was so happy but i needed to get out of here really fast before hey can track me down, i was busy thinking i didnt even notice when the doctor came in, he said that i was free to go, just for me to take a few medicines, and the i can leave, i was so happy, the doctor went out of thr room to get the medicines, while i waited in the room , i sat up glaring at the window, when i heard footsteps approaches the door , i knew it with be some of the nurses or the doctors, the door creaked open, i turned around to see who it was, i saw the two boys i would never want ot see in my life, the one with a low cut, and the one with blonde hair, my heart started to beat faster as they approched closer to me, finally the one with the blonde hair spoke"wat r u doing here" he asked, i decided to answer he's question with a questiion, so i asked," what r u doing here" i asked, finally the low cut hair 'guy' spoke up and said"zayn is in this same hospital, and we came to see if he was ok"he said, i gasped, i was felt so bad that i hurt him, but he wanted to rape me anyways,then i asked " his he-", before i could finish my question , the doctor came in, and gave me the drugs and told me i could go, then he left, immediately i stood up and ran to the door, i was about to open it, when the guy with the blonde hair held my wrist,i tried puling away it was no use, because his grip on my hand was to strong,"let go of me" i yelled, "where do u think u r going"he asked, "home" i screamed in his face, but still didnt let go, "u r not going anywhereyoung lady,you r coming home with us" he yelled back in my face., i sat on the floor with my knees up my face, there was a long silence until someone spoke, it was the guy with the blonde hair, "wat did u do to zayn" he asked, "i hit him" i relied shyly, "y did u hi-" he said, but i cut him off and said"he tried to rape me" i said quietly, "he what" the guy with low cut said, " HE TRIED TO RAPE ME" i said, but now with yelling. they took me out of the room and sat me out in the reception, they went back in.......



We decided to check on zayn, so we took angel to the reception to wait there for us, we went to zayn room, to fime him awake, i ran to hima nd gave him a big , he huged back, patting my back, liam stood there smiling, zayn was allowed to go so we got out of the room and went to the reception, when zayn saw angel he asked"wat is she doing here", i replied " i dunno we found her here"., we went to the car and and drove to the house, liam called harry to tell him we found angel as we drove home, the car ride was silent, except for the radio who was singing.......

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