kidnapped (messing with the wrong girl).

Getting along with your kidnappers...
Maybe not the right thing to do
But when your kidnappers are the most popular band in the world..
What choice to you have?

Angel a very strong girl with lots of past emotions, gets something she never wishes be kidnapped, even worse when it is the band she doesn't even want to know....Will she survive a this moment without being arrogant and impulsive....


18. Always in the mood


It has been 2 hours, since the fight happened, i decided to come outside to get some air, i came out of my room and peeped to see if anyone was in passing by. no one. i walked down the corridor and stopped at Liam's room, i opened it, hoping too see someone in there. no one. Where is everyone, they better not be playing a prank on me. i walked down stairs to see Nialler on the laptop, i walked towards him.

"Vas happenin" i asked, making him jump up

"OMG, Zayn you scared the living shit out of me!" Niall yelled, i giggled a little bit, and sat down beside Niall.

"What are you doing?" I asked, still giggling.

"Was Talking to a fan, on twitter." he replied, closing the laptop.

"Okay, do you want to explain what happened before?" Niall asked

"uh..Okay. Liam kissed Angel." I said

"OMG. Isnt Liam dating Dani?" He asked, suprised

"yes, he is." I replied

"Dani is going to kill him, BTW why did you react that why, when he did?" he mumured

"I and Angel...had a thing" I whispered

"OMG, and you didnt tell me!" he yelled slapping my arm.

'Oh well, but we arent anymore so.. i dosent matter." i said

"Oh.." Niall Replied

"where is Liam?" i asked

" he went on a date, with Dani, maybe to tell her...Ya know." He replied

I stood up and walked towards the door turning the handle.

"where are you going?" Niall asked

"For a walk, wanna come?" I asked

"No, i have to watch Angel" He murmured

"yeah right!" I said closing the door behind me and walking off.






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