Plane Ride to Paradise

Avery Harper and Claire Channing have been best friends since anyone can remember. Unfortunately, they are complete opposites. Claire is a typical boyband obsessed pink loving teenage girl, while Avery is into rock music and would don black converse over heels any day.

The unlikely and single duo set off from their friends on a fun girls day all around the city. However, they have the adventure of a lifetime, when they meet Harry Styles and Liam Payne, two guys from Claire's favorite band!

Claire is convinced that Harry will love Avery and Liam has already taken quite the liking to Claire. However, will the span of a few hours change everything, or will Avery's thoughts on band members fail to ever change?


1. A Lot Can Happen

I didn't know how I had ended up here. I, Avery Harper, was jetsetting from New York City to Hollywood, with two band members from the most currently popular band in the world. On Valentine's Day. With my best friend. 

The flight attendants donned pink heels and sleek chignons and champagne rested in buckets of ice dotted with rose petals. I glanced at Harry and then at the romantic drink. "Charming." I said with sarcasm dripping from my tongue. Harry smiled at me. "It's the full One Direction experience." He said, his accent hanging in the air. He pulled out a bottle and popped it open. Mist spilled over the tip. He poured it into two dainty glasses and handed one to me. I raised it up and drank before leaning back in my seat and lifting my feet onto the ottoman. I watched across the way as Claire and Liam bumped knees and elbows, Claire batting her eyelashes in her typical flirt maneuver. We were five into our flight and Claire and Liam were already giving each other "That look." It was the adorable star-crossed lovers look that every teenager in America craved.

But four hours hadn't just changed things for our good friends. Harry and I had developed some uncanny connection, some sort of interesting bond. I was drawn to his gaze, and he was riveted by my stare. I couldn't quite describe it other than remarkable and unworldly. I blushed as I remembered the slightly steamy kiss we had shared after the first two hours. Harry leaned forward, propping his elbows on his knees, his hair falling in his eyes. He shook the curls away, it was a constant twitch he had. 

"So. Avery." He said with a smirk.

"Styles." I glanced at him. 

"Seems our dear friends have taken a fancy to one another."

"It appears that way." I said back, with a slight smile. I removed my feet from the ottoman and set the glass down. I leaned forward, mirroring Harry's position, my bony elbows propped on my knees. I scrunched my nose up and smiled. 

"You're adorable." He said, his green eyes never once leaving my blue ones.

"You're not bad yourself." I said back coyly. We were interrupted by the perky flight attendant. "Seems the captain has made excellent time today, everyone! Please prepare for landing." The microphone clicked off and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Liam and Claire exchange a soft kiss. A lot could happen in a few hours. I watched as her hand grasped the back of his neck nervously before I glanced away.

"Well this was fun, Styles." I said with a sad smile and I gazed around the cabin.

"It's not over yet." He said with a sneaky smirk and I grinned at him, trying to imagine what plan he had cooked up now. A short while later, we arrived in Hollywood. Someone must have cracked the security code because hundreds of paparazzi dotted the gravel where the plane was landed. I could hear their rough shouts and camera flashes. 

Harry and Liam both stood up and rolled their eyes. A number of men came to retrieve me and Claire, so we wouldn't be seen with the boys. Harry held up his hand slightly and they all backed off. Then he took my small hand in his and Liam did the same with Claire.

I watched as my best friend and her biggest crush departed down the steps, holding hands and smiling awkwardly. Harry and I trailed behind. "Who's this girl!? She's just another fan, right? Nothing serious here!?" A short chubby man held the microphone up to Harry's jaw.

"She's more than just a fan." He growled and then, breaking every rule in the boyband book, he spun around, grasped my waist with one hand and my neck in the other, pressed his lips to mine and kissed me passionately. I heard cameras click from every angle and I could practically see Claire's jaw drop. Just to piss off the camera men, I wrapped my arms around his toned shoulders and slipped my legs around his waist. He hoisted me up and pulled away, chuckling. "That was nice." He said and I laughed before slipping his ray bans off his hair, and sliding them onto my face. He let out a laugh. 

"You're a damn good kisser, Styles." I said and my hair fell forward onto his shoulders. He set me down gently and grabbed my hand before leaning down towards my ear.

"I'm sure as hell not the only one." And with that we walked hand in hand past the ferocious photographers, and I felt like a million dollars. 

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