Born in The Blue

Have you ever imagined of being born in a new world? How would it be if you are carrying your past life memories to your new life? Who will you choose between your past and present life? Well, Rima is one courageous girl living her life with the above questions. Will Rima chase down her family with her past memories? What does she do when the secrets of her death on earth are revealed? Does her love for her family on earth take over her responsibilities in present life? Read ahead to know the answers....


1. Prologue


I could barely look through my eyes as I lay down bloodshed and lifeless in spite of my urging thoughts to find my dad, mum and brother who were with me till the moment I had lost control over my body.

I wanted to get up and find my family at least for the sake of consoling myself that EVERYTHING WAS ALRIGHT. But, it was not working altogether. I mean the receptors in my limbs were not receiving the impulses my brain were sending them and as a result I was lying motionless unable to do anything I wanted to.

All I could do was stare deep into the sky, the only place my inert eyes were focusing on as I lay hopeless and perturbed. The sky before me featured few straying clouds as they together made up an impeccable figure of a running horse with a warrior holding something in his hands, maybe a sword I guessed through the narrow opening in my eyes and I wondered if one of them or both had translucent flying organs.

There was nothing I could do and that was when an excruciating pain took over me, leaving me throbbing as I felt a massive ache in my soul, exhausting me of everything I had, my life.

I was ready to give up anything to get over this process and finally gave out a huge shriek of pain unable to withstand the pain I underwent. Everything turned dark and the slim chance of vision had vanished. To my utter surprise, I heard someone else scream in pain too and I had to remain contended that my ears were intact for the least. Meanwhile, my shrieks reduced to tiny whimpers as I entered a wide open space from the closed dark one and thankfully nobody was forcing me to move out now.

"Here you go! Welcome home my little baby," I heard a lady celebrating.

The area turned noisy and again my eyes were not working. Even the narrow opening had closed down and nothing was in my sight. It kind of worried me a bit and I tried calling somebody for help. Again, I failed. I couldn't talk while my thoughts came out as tears and cries and nobody seemed to mind my crying unfortunately.

"Helpless," I reminded myself.

"Lisa, come on! See your little girl!," the same old damsel shouted again.

"Oh my sweet little baby! Give her to me please," a young woman spoke this time.

I felt myself carried over somewhere in an empty arena, finally resting in the young woman's arms as she held me close to her chest. I could hear her heartbeats and seemed to rest in the safest place ever. With a deep satisfaction, I stopped sobbing over and took my first perfect breathe. As air gushed into my lungs, I felt blood rushing through my entire body and I relaxed stretching my arms as much as I could though it never reached the normal length it would usually.

"Why am I so small? What's wrong?" I thought to myself letting out a chill cry again.

"Kiddie, open your eyes! Look at Mamma," the women spoke again.


My heart sunk when I realised I had completely lost trace of my family.

 Where's mom? Dad? My God, my brother? Where the hell am I?

So many questions kept popping into my brain and the tragic part was that I could not even open my eyes or speak either at the least to answer myself. I never knew what was happening to me.

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