one shot of love

the unexpected happends between skye and louis


1. the unexpected

louis P.O.V :
wow she is so beautiful,but a girl like her would never give me a chance on valentines day. at that very moment i noticed she was walking over to me,calm down louis play it cool i said to myself,hey louis skye said while blushing,hey skye whats up whilst having trouble getting the words out of my mouth.not allot just going to get ready to go for a swim care to join me?said skye,id love to hun, just let me go get ready,ill meet u at the beach.sounds good louis said skye (at home) mum im just going for a swim at the beach with skye is that alright?,yeah just dont be out to late lou said mum, i wont be mum just a few hours cya mum,cya love said mum.Skyes pov Where is he? i asked myself whilst walking across the shore,next minute i get a huge scare i turn around to the most beautiful face ive ever seen hey love we going swimming now? said louis,yes we sure are,as louis swam out further and i wasnt far off till we were only inches apart then out of the blue louis plants a kiss on my lips.will you be my girlfriend skye? louis asked , yes i would love to be your girlfriend louis!

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