Publicly In Love With You

Jennifer can't stand Harry Styles or the members of One Directions,
but when her mother - the bands Publicist, hits a dead end that could possibly
mean the end of her career, she throws Jen's and Harry's lives together,
linking them as England's hottest new couple, but what can Jennifer do?


1. Chapter 1

I can't believe this, I thought as I trudged to my mums office after getting out of the cab. My mother had called me an hour ago, telling me I needed to get to her office in central London as soon as possible, she'd woken me up and everything.
"Morning, Jennifer" my mums receptionist, Meredith, called as I walked past her towards my mothers office.
"Morning" I called back, knocking on the door once before walking through the threshold. I stopped in my tracks, seeing his messy curls in one of the two seats in front of my mums desk.
"Good, you're here, Jennifer" my mother said, bringing my attention back to her.
"I am" I muttered, sitting in the seat next to Harry, couldn't she be away from them for 5 seconds? I bitterly thought as I crossed my arms over my chest.
Before I go any further, I should probably explain some things to you, you see, my mother is one of One Directions managers, she looks after their image more so than anything else. She started this job 2 years ago when Simon Cowell signed the boys, and it was ever since then that our relationship had spiralled downwards, it started with only a few days where she would cancel plans, or tell me she had to work back so I'd have to work out dinner for myself, but now I'd only see my mother when she'd come home from work late at night and occasionally on weekends, and who do I blame for this? Harry Styles and his perfect band mates. If it weren't for them, I'd still have my mother, we'd still be as close as we were, and I wouldn't have to hear about them every few seconds. And that's the story of how One Direction ruined my life.

"Right, I called you here because I need to run something by you" my mother was saying, I interrupted her before she could continue.
"And why is he here?" I asked a little too sharp, pointing at Harry who had stayed silent. My mother glared at me subtly before answering.
"Harry is a part of the something" she clarified, making me raise an eyebrow.
"How so?" I asked, sitting back in my chair.
"I'm sure you've heard about all that drama with Taylor Swift?" My mother asked me, I felt Harry watching me closely, I gritted my teeth, willing him to look away. I nodded, waiting for her to continue, "I'm not sure if you know this, but that was a publicity stunt by Taylor's management to get her back into the public eye" she paused, waiting for me make a sound of acknowledgement, when it didn't seem like she was going to continue without me doing something, I shook my head.
"Well, it was" she said, sighing dramatically. "A publicity stunt that injured both Taylor and Harry's images. Harry has lost many fans over this drama with Taylor Swift, and she in return has gained many 'haters' as I'm sure people call them."
"What has this got to do with me?" I asked, I didn't care one bit about Harry's image.
"We need something to send Harry in the right media direction again, back to where he was before that monstrosity" I glanced at Harry but he was staring straight ahead, I looked back at my mother, confusion written all over my face. "Jen," she said, I braced myself, she only called me that when she wanted something that she didn't think I'd condone, "we believe that you can do that" she started, rushing on before I even had a chance to react, "what the fans need to see is the Harry that they all fell in love with, not someone who dates superstars, Harry needs to be seen as the boy from Holmes Chapel again, the vulnerable boy who cried when he saw bad things being said about him, the sensitive man he was at the start of One Direction" Harry cleared his throat, I glanced over at him, he looked extremely uncomfortable, I rolled my eyes, as if that boy could ever be vulnerable.
"I don't understand, mum" I said to her, turning back in her direction, "I still don't know what I have to do with this."
"You, my dear, will be Harry's new girlfriend, the secretary who Harry fell in love with."
"What?" I exclaimed, flabbergasted, "are you mad!?"
"Do not talk to me like that, Jennifer" my mum said, her perfectly shaped eyebrows pulled together.
"I cannot date him!" I exclaimed again, shooting a glance at Harry, who was looking at the floor, playing with his hands nervously. He knew, I declared in my thoughts, making me even angrier.
"Yes you can" my mum said simply, I sighed and pouted, crossing my arms over my chest again.
"Can't you find somebody else?" I asked, almost begging, but my mother was already shaking her head.
"We don't have any time," my mother pressed, "I know you can do this, you're a brilliant actress"
"Mum, I'm not an actress, I studied Drama 2 years ago!"
"Details, details" she tutted, opening a folder she had in front of her.
"I'm not even a secretary!" I exclaimed, desperate now.
"You are now, you start here tomorrow." She told me, "Now, you don't have a Twitter do you Jennifer?" she asked, looking up at me briefly before returning to the page she was reading.
"No, but why -" I was cut off by my mother talking over the top of me.
"We'll have to get you one," she told me, writing something down in her folder.
"Harry," she continued, "have you got a Facebook?"
"Only my personal one" he said quietly, "it's not public like Twitter"
"Right, you'll have to add Jennifer as a friend, it'll seem more real if you have her in your personal accounts as well." My mother said, never stopping from writing.
"Wait," I said slowly, "I haven't agreed to this"
"Jennifer," my mum sighed, looking at me with a slightly frustrated expression on her face. "We need you"
"You don't need me for anything" I told her, glaring and standing up from my chair.
"Please sit down" my mother said, gesturing to the chair I'd just abandoned.
"Maybe she's right, Sara" Harry spoke up, "maybe we don't need her for this, we can do it on our own." For once, I was actually grateful to hear him speak, I didn't let him know that though, without so much of a glance at him, I walked out of my mums office, calling back that I wasn't doing it.
I made it safely out of the office without any dramatic display from my mother and was impressed when I didn't even get a phone call demanding that I go back.

"Jennifer?" I heard my mothers voice call from downstairs, I froze, looking at the clock on my wall, it was only 5:24.
"Mum?" I called, shocked as I walked down the stairs from my room. "What are you doing home?"
"We need to talk" she told me, sitting down on a couch and handing me a cup from Starbucks. I stared at it as I sat down next to her.
"What's this?" I asked, uncertainly looking at the cup I was holding.
"A coffee" she said simply, sipping hers. "But like I said, we need to talk"
"About?" I prompted, already knowing where this was headed.
"Harry," she started slowly, "we need you to do this, Jen" I was about to protest before she continued, staring at me calmly, "I need you"
"Mum" I complained, "can't you find someone else?"
"Like who?" She questioned with a raised eyebrow.
"I don't know, maybe someone who actually likes him!"
"You will like him, I promise" she told me gently, I frowned, "he's a really nice young man, he'll treat you the exact way I think you deserve to be treated, you'll see."
"Mum, no" I told her firmly, "I don't want to be Harry's fake girlfriend"
"Why don't you think of it as being friends that act as a couple while cameras are around?" Mum suggested, looking at me hopefully.
"Why is this so important? Harry said himself that you can do this without me!"
"Harry was wrong" my mother explained, "it will seriously hinder Harry's career and almost certainly end mine."
"Will that be such a bad thing?" I whispered, bringing my coffee to my lips and leaning back into the couch.
"Yes," my mother said, trying but failing to conceal her anger, "you like this house, don't you? You would like to keep that phone of yours? You will want a new car, since you crashed your other one, won't you?"
"A new car?" I asked, trying not to sound too interested.
"I had been thinking about it for a while, and obviously if I keep my job, I will be able to afford one" she told me, watching me closely.
"Fine" I finally relented, "but I'm doing it for you, not him" I said, making a face as I thought of Harry.
"Thank you, darling" she said smiling briefly before launching into Manager mode.
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