One more opportunity

Annabel Parker and Harry Edward Styles were once declared boyfriend and girlfriend.But Annabel had to move 4 years that she's back and harry sees her,he calls her a 'best friend' but you never know that Cupid could be out there shooting people in the butt.Could her and harry have another shot at what you call........."love?"..


2. London im here baby!!!

Annabel's P.O.V


In the middle of the sidewalk i stand researching the beauty's of this place.Now how much did i miss these 4 years?I heard prince William married Kate.But as my head falls i remember the little love scenes me and harry had.Why did my personal issues have to ruin ours???We could've been married by now,or even had a family.

I start to walk at a slow rate and have all these type of flashbacks that distract me from the outside world.So to avoid any accidents,i slip my self onto a bench and cross my legs."oh harry.......where could you be at this point?"i question myself quietly.

Then i remember that i have college pretty soon and i only have $4,957 on me from the savings.I do realize that that's enough for i guess 3 or even 4 weeks in a hotel,while i find a job that stabilizes me with enough money.

I get up from the burning wooden bench and start crossing the street to the nearest hotel where i go and check in.


Harry's P.O.V


Today's like my day off,i get to spend it with my mum and gemma.But they love girly shops and i don't.So i figured that i would just relax at home and see if any friends are available to come over."ok harry me and gemma will be back pretty soon so i've left you some breakfast on the microwave ok?"my mother says as she makes her way to the door."got it..........bye"i reply with a wave.

I go sit down on the couch and pull my iphone out.I start going through my contacts to see if anyone's free to come over.But as i search the A people...................i still see annabels phone number stuck on there.I click it and see a picture of us two hugging each other and smiling.

I automatically start to feel sad and down because i mean i loved her,we didn't break up because of problems with us.It's just she had to move and there was no point in a far distance relationship........:(

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