One more opportunity

Annabel Parker and Harry Edward Styles were once declared boyfriend and girlfriend.But Annabel had to move 4 years that she's back and harry sees her,he calls her a 'best friend' but you never know that Cupid could be out there shooting people in the butt.Could her and harry have another shot at what you call........."love?"..


1. Introduction...



                                                        HI! Annabel Parker.Im 18 years old but turning 19 in February.I did at some point have a relationship with Harry Styles.But we broke up.Not cause of any love issues.Just cause i was going to move and really far away,and we decided to end it because there was really no point.I wasn't going to be able to see him again for a long while and neither was he.But now im old enough to make my decisions ,and i've come back here to london.I have been accepted to a college hopefully around Harry's house because i still know where he lives but i can't say now because he's famous.I don't know if i still have feelings for him.I just can't make up my mind right now.But there could be a little piece in my heart and in his heart that says.1 more opportunity.......................

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