One more opportunity

Annabel Parker and Harry Edward Styles were once declared boyfriend and girlfriend.But Annabel had to move 4 years that she's back and harry sees her,he calls her a 'best friend' but you never know that Cupid could be out there shooting people in the butt.Could her and harry have another shot at what you call........."love?"..


4. I can see harry again? WHAT???

Annabel's P.O.V


I sit there and listen to alexis conversation when all of a sudden she stops."what is it?"i ask her worried.

"i forgot to introduce you to my other friend...........Danielle"

"oh ok"

"ill be back let me just go get her"

I nod and watch as alexis goes off.2 minutes later,i see alexis bring a really curly light brown haired girl."hey" she says to me as she sits down with me and alexis.

"hey"i respond with a fake smile.

"so.......i heard your one of harry's ex's"

"yeah,did alexis tell you?"

"yes"she say giggling.

Alexis then whisper's something to her ear and i can't hear them so i just act as if im not paying any attention.

"you know im liam's girlfriend?"

I fall into a deep shock.Then i turn and see all of the boys making their way over here including..........harry HOLY S***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i quickly put my glasses on and act normal,but alexis takes them off."be strong bestie!"

"im too nervous let go!"What the hell is about to happen here?


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